Team Zero9 has an impeccable taste in design and material selections. They’re sensitive to the clients demands and surely can fit a world class design in any budget. They surely are on the right path! Cheers!
Vor fast 2 Jahren
Unprofessional and no work ethics, would not recommend
Vor etwa 2 Jahren
The Zero9 team is fantastic. Brilliant ideas and range of options to choose from. It's been a wonderful journey from seeing the design on paper and then the actual home coming live as it is. Thanks to the Zero9 team for our #Onceinabluemoon 👏👏
Vor mehr als 3 Jahren
Young team with great design ideas. Knows how to get the best of design outputs. Loved their work.
Vor mehr als 3 Jahren
Partnering with #ZERO9 is always breezy & fun; for not only your project is delivered to the 'T', in a timely manner, but also with an elevated sense of aesthetics!! When you think of 'spaces', 'layouts' & 'structures', think only #ZERO9:) Best of luck Team #ZERO9 onwards & upwards :)
Vor mehr als 3 Jahren
It has been a wonderful journey with team Zero09. They patiently understood our needs, taste and gave us just what we needed. Both Anu and Prashant have been very prompt, responsive and extremely professional in their work. They guided us really well as to how we should go ahead with the interiors. A very warm couple, always answered all our queries and have been very very helpful. Also in this whole pandemic situation, they completed the project in less than 6 months. I must say, a perfect choice. 🙂
Vor mehr als einem Jahr
The experience was terrible. They are very rude and unprofessional. I would not suggest this place to anyone. The people who manage stuff were downright impolite and disrespectful.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr
highly unadvisable to work with them in whatsoever manner, unprofessional behaviour
Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Very unprofessional behaviour and abusive environment.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Highly unprofessional and no work ethics
Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Prashant you need a lesson in humility no matter how accomplished your firm is. I had called you in response to an enquiry you made to my business from Zero 9. Being rude to vendors or potential vendors who are also businesses like yours does not make you a bigger person. Don't assume everyone is desperate to work with you and the "opportunity" you are offering. Maybe you were having a bad day but remember you will get as good as you give. Respect vendors no matter how big an architect firm you are. It is a 2 way street.
Vor 3 Monaten
Very very abusive person and unprofessional....I’ll suggest not to join this firm.
Vor etwa 2 Monaten
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