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Fabulous display of furniture.
Vor fast 5 Jahren
Wharfside have a very good range of contemporary furniture and the staff are very friendly and helpful. Unfortunately, the owner / MD seems to lack any social skills and certainly customer service ones… We bought a Stressless recliner from their sales floor and it was only when we got it home we discovered a problem. One of the manufacturer’s promotional videos showed a young child demonstrating how effortless it was to rotate the chair through 360º. The chair we bought took considerable effort to do this and we contacted Wharfside to discuss the issue. Things could have been handled so much more professionally by Mr Stewart, who initially denied the chair was meant to do this. He then blamed my wife for “buying the chair in a hurry” and suggested we should keep the chair and just not try to rotate it. His attitude made me ask for a refund but he said he wanted my money and we wanted the chair, so he wasn’t going to give me the money back. When I mentioned my rights as a consumer to reject goods that weren’t of a satisfactory quality, he said “Oh, that’s just something you’ve pulled up on a web page”. Unbelievable, and quite contemptuous. We finally got them to fix the chair and have a lovely piece of furniture. (Update: Having just tried these chairs at the Ideal Home Exhibition, we can see that the chair has NOT been fixed to the standard of this range of furniture.) However, I will not recommend Wharfside or shop there again.
Vor fast 7 Jahren
I think they expect all people with money to just throw it at them with their eyes closed. Went in, got turned off by the rip-off prices, and was pretty much snarled at by the staff who were basically calling us cheapskates for asking for something in a cheaper price range. "Good taste, wrong money", in his own words. Then a side-of-the-mouth comment by his colleague that we must be living in a poor area. A shockingly unprofessional attitude...
Vor etwa 7 Jahren
Lovely warehouse style showroom. Mostly dining room furniture, great choice & quality. Very nice people. Found us a replacement chair eight years after original sale.
Vor mehr als 8 Jahren
We got our dining table from Wharfside. It's a beautiful traditional solid oak wood dining table that's so unique yet totally in-keeping with our personal taste in decor. They've got so much lovely stuff, I particularly love their modern dining tables and bookcases. I only wish I had another home to house them in!
Vor mehr als 10 Jahren
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