They say home is where the heart is. It certainly is where ever you feel most comfortable and at ease. This is why we offer elements for the living space that are not only of the highest quality, but will enrich your most important place in the world. Our collections are contemporary with a certain cutting-edge and we create them in collaboration with a Swiss family-run enterprise that has a tradition for manufacturing since 1892. Together we come up with products of unique design and quality that will be with our customers for years. Because no matter where life leads you – every journey begins at home.

Schönstaub is a young design team from Zurich, Switzerland. It is where the two founders and designers Nadja Stäubli and David Schönen met in 2010 at the University of Arts. A joint project set the base for a creative cooperation where home supplies were to be created that equal in quality one’s aspired level of living. This key aspect culminated in the foundation of Schönstaub.

studenbühlstrasse 47
8832 Wollerau