Urban Habitat Architects


The Campus, Wrigley Field Building, 57 Soane Street, Bryanston
2191 Johannesburg
+27-109004104 www.uharchitects.co.za


Wel designed structures for urban dwellers.
Vor fast 4 Jahren
Professional architect with a fantastic design eye that listens to his clients and adheres to the brief given. Fantastic service
Vor fast 8 Jahren
I've known Jensen for a couple years now. In saying that I found that when he came to do my plans for my extentions of my house, I was pleasantly surprised. He did what I asked for when it came to the design, plus he added some nice touches which I did not think of to finish off the place. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for an Architect and I will definitely use him in the future.
Vor fast 10 Jahren