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Dealt with Robyn throughout and she was brilliant during the whole process. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Roger Hannah again based on this experience.
Vor 5 Monaten
They took my enquiry and never got back to me, even though I emailed to remind them. Utter waste of time.
Vor 6 Monaten
"Ruthlessly Avaricious." Masters of 'Sharp practice'. Prey on vulnerable people who want to work. Always ask for documentation on verbal agreements. Always pay a good commercial law firm to examine their leases and correspondence....then an even better surveyor (they will save you a lot of money in the long run - usually with these people, keep right means put right!)...even better, no matter how much you think you need their premises to create your dream......Walk away or you will live to regret it - usually after being patronised, bullied or spoken to like something they've just stepped in! Don't say you weren't warned! But if you think that your business can pay their ever increasing rents - (usually substancially more than the RV), insurance, and repair their buildings to better than when you moved in, then crack on! Their accreditations mean nothing to them and so should mean even less to you. The laws protect landlords from rubbish tenants, but don't protect good tenants from people like these - after you've signed on that dotted line. If all landlords were like these, small businesses would be decimated - oops! have you looked at your local high street recently? - And these people blame business rates!
Vor 8 Monaten
A great experience working with Roger Hannah. Particularly Robyn Egan who has helped us no end. Robyn has been so helpful and polite and has excellent communication. She really helped our company be able to secure our first premises in the highly competitive Manchester. We really hope we can work with Roger Hannah and Robyn Egan again in the future. Many thanks! Stare Society
Vor etwa einem Jahr
Very difficult to give this business more work. One employee leaves and the whole division comes to a halt. Tried 5 times to order some work "call you back" is the normal message - total rubbish
Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Greatly informative and very professional in delivery. I would highly recommend Joe Wilkinson. Thank you again.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Amazing service, I cannot fault Robyn Egan and the team! From moving into our unit space in December, and then subsequent move into a larger space, Robyn and the team at Roger Hannah have made the process seamless. Our main point of contact from the start has been Robyn, and her communication is outstanding. During the larger unit move, there were a couple of issues (completely due to the previous tenant). When I raised these to Robyn, she was incredibly efficient, contacting all the relevant persons to ensure these were resolved quickly. I cannot fault her customer service, work ethic and professionalism. I very much look forward to continue working with Robyn, and Roger Hannah. Thank you. Emma, Mark and the Team @ Tranquil Garden Rooms.
Vor mehr als 2 Jahren
We were very satisfied with the advice and service we received from Steven Whittle at Roger Hannah He did an excellent job in negotiating down the dilapidations claim for us.
Vor mehr als 3 Jahren
I contacted Roger Hannah at very short notice to see how quickly they might be able to come to our premises and prepare a dilapidation schedule. We had the option to exercise a break clause in our lease and I wanted to check the costs of reinstatements. I had left it far too late to be honest; but Steven Whittle, the Associate Director at Roger Hannah, performed miracles. Literally dropped everything for us and came to site and spent the best part of the day taking photographs and inspecting the premises with a view to compiling a reinstatement/dilapidation schedule. Shortly afterwards a highly professional and cost budgeted report was emailed over to me. At the end of the day we decided not to move. I would like to thank Steven and his team for an excellent and most professional job well done. The professional fees were also very reasonable, especially considering the fast turnaround. I would not hesitate to recommend Roger Hannah for any property survey requirements.
Vor mehr als 3 Jahren
Provide a very good service.
Vor mehr als 3 Jahren
They find the tenant for commercial shop very quickly. Definitely will use them again. Thank you
Vor fast 4 Jahren
I appointed Roger Hannah on a small portfolio earlier this year which needed a period of solid professional property management work. This they have completed quickly and to a high standard in difficult circumstances. Well done to Paul and his team.
Vor etwa 4 Jahren
Viewed an ex Ladbrokes property on Oxford rd. after viewing and rang the agent (Dan) to tell him I was happy to take the property, he said he would call me back. A week later I rang him back as i never received a call and he informed me that he was going to have a meeting with the client and call me back. That was 2 months ago. As a commercial property owner myself I would never use this company or recommend them.
Vor etwa 4 Jahren
I requested Roger Hannah to do a delaps and measured survey of a large commercial building in Greater Manchester. I am very happy with their service. I originally had difficulty getting a surveyor to do this work and just googled Roger Hannah. I will stick with Roger Hannah for the remainder of my work on this building. Service was excellent, product was very good, they did what they said they would do and when they would do it. No complaints. I thought pricing was also reasonable and I paid same day as received the invoice.
Vor etwa 5 Jahren
I had a great experience working with Robert, he was very prompt in responding to emails, answering phone calls and finding answers to my questions! The whole process was very smooth and speedy. Very professional and Robert always ensured he worked any appointments around my busy schedule. I would recommend this company and would be happy to work with them again!
Vor etwa 5 Jahren
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