Hen and Hammock


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Chestnut Farmhouse
OX9 2HU Thame
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+44-1844217060 www.henandhammock.co.uk


See also Burford Garden Company, there are two listings on Google Maps. My review follows:- A very good garden centre and what I suppose I'd call an overall up market lifestyle shopping experience with plants, gardening tools, garden furniture, foods, drinks, clothing, art gallery, a really good café restaurant, plus garden building sales, plus, plus, plus. A veritable posh Aunty Wainwright's, if anyone still understands that reference now. An emporium of lifestyle gardening....that's probably better!! Worth a visit, if only for the café and a look round. I liked it a lot but didn't love it because I thought the clothing was over-expensive for what it was and suspected that goods generally were marked up. Aside from that slight niggle, it was worth a look round and a nice simple lunch, well and politely presented by a helpful young man. I was impressed by the range of products. Obviously and deservedly popular to my mind. I would travel there for the range of gardening tools alone....they have some more traditional tools made for them! Definitely worth a try, to my mind.
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