Neues Projekt

Our mission:

Through innovative and natural solutions we want to significantly improve the quality of human life in the city.


We want to be a leading European supplier of green systems for companies, increasing air quality and aesthetics in the cities.

About us:

The development of large cities is combined with the need to create "urban plantation" - alternative gardens and ecosystems. In the absence of surface, environmental degradation, urban concrete, we feel helpless and frustrated. Let's start to change it! Let the vegetation to be actively involved in our everyday life, soothes our senses and stimulates activity.

Florabo 2 was founded in 2010 by landscape architect - Halina Kamińska. The main characters of the projects implemented by Florabo 2 is a diverse vegetation. The aim is to restore living green to the natural environment.

Among Florabo 2 products is our crown product Floraframe - self-sufficient, green, mobile projected image of the individual plant arrangements. Until now, we have produced and placed at customers’ headquarters in Poland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Germany, Italy, Denmark a variety of images of living vegetation.

Must Have! award 2012
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