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Still waiting for an order I made nearly a month ago! No response to my emails from customer service or on their online chat. Just automated response. No idea where order is, no idea if il ever get it or my money back.
Vor 3 Monaten
UPDATE: logged a claim through PayPal, GTC never responded and paypal have now forced the refund through. Worst company i've ever dealt with - not an exaggeration. Like many of their customers who have left reviews - you order an item that is listed in stock, pay a crazy delivery fee and then have 10++ weeks wait for it to be delivered. This happened to me, I ordered a corner sofa set and a log store, the corner sofa arrived 6 weeks after delivery and the log store (even though ordered at the same time) arrived 11 weeks (17 weeks in total) later AND when it arrived they delivered a wheelie bin storage instead, I was told by the delivery company its not their fault and to call the company - GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. First of all their phone number on their instruction manual is incorrect, when you do get the correct one via google you can never get through, emails are left unanswered. so now im stuck with a wheelie bin cover I did not order and a log store that cost me £300 no where to be seen , I will be logging a small claim in the courts and asking my credit card provider to re-imburse me.
Vor 3 Monaten
I've ordered a garden mirror and cannot track my order. The website is not working correctly and the owners seem to have taken the phone off the hook so you can't speak to anyone. It feels like this is a company in terminal decline and I'm unlikely to hear anything more! I've sent an enquiry email this morning but in truth don't expect to receive a reply. BE WARNED THIS FEELS LIKE A DODGY COMPANY!
Vor 4 Monaten