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John Wyer is a fellow of the Society of Garden Designers, Chartered landscape architect and BALI registered designer. Bowles & Wyer has won 30 major awards, including BALI Grand Award and Design-build Award (twice), APL Supreme Award, and medals at Chelsea Flower Show.
5 Williams Court, Tunnel Way
LU7 9GJ Tring
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When they remodelled the gardens where I live, they ripped out trees and plants, and replaced with trees and plants which were 5 times smaller than what was there before. When I look out of my window all I see now is wall, bricks and other peoples windows. It is horrible. Before the remodelling I could look at birds nesting, squirrels, butterflies, etc. It was a real garden, not the block of concrete this company turned the garden into. Also, they were too lazy to move the two rocks placed in the old play area. So, you know what they did? They dumped the two rocks on the now sad looking and bold patch where there are supposed to be only plants (plants which are about 10 times smaller than what was there before and make no flowers). This of course, substantially further reduces greenery in the garden. But this is not all they did to ruin the communal garden I once loved. This company also saw fit removing all, and I mean all beautiful wooden benches we had, on which disabled and pensioners used to sit on. So, now disabled and pensioners are no longer able to comfortably sit in the garden and enjoy the weather, because there is nowhere suitable to sit on. Also, the council encouraged residents to take up some small gardening in our garden. For this purpose a specific number of vegetable plots were installed a few years back. This quickly became the number one activity in the backyard enjoyed by a diversity of people, which also pushed out drug dealing and other kinds of antisocial behaviour. So, yes, it was a winner. And what did this company do? Reduce the number of vegetable plots, of course. And last but not least, this company placed a tall kids tower in the play area, which is clearly not suited for our gardens (the garden is long and narrow and the tower is too tall and large), meaning that resident's privacy in that particular spot is compromised, as the tower is much too close and much too high for residents in the garden next to it to retain privacy, but also for residents on the ground floor and first floor, to retain their privacy, as view into their flats from the tower is the dream of every burglar in the country. In conclusion, the remodelling of our gardens by this company has caused us to loose our beautiful views, versatility, the feeling of being close to nature, privacy and character. `The remodelling has severely penalised the most vulnerable and turned a natural looking garden, into a sterile block of concrete. There are no more bees, butterflied, squirrels, magpies, rubbing... its all gone, just like our very much needed benches.
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They emailed me wanting me to do a survey for them in exchange for a chance to win a voucher for a 'prestigious' gardening company. A company that rips off other peoples designs and gets them mass produced in China without listing as such on their website thats tag line is Made in Japan. This is not in anyway prestigious so this company clearly cannot be bothered to look beyond face value and fall for corporate marketing. I wouldn't touch then with a barge pole if thats the sort of poor judgement and morals they have.
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