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Flat G3, Nanda Apartments, No. 21/7a, Habibullah Road, T. Nagar
600017 Chennai, India


I have reached ansari architects to renovate my house. I have been shared with a contact named faizal. He showed his least interest on the call and dropped the call abruptly and never picked up. Even I tried to connect with Mr. Ansari via linkedin. Both went useless.
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Out and out professionals who strive towards excellence and score 110% in client satisfaction
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The ARCHITECT who TURNS YOUR DREAM INTO REALITY. During my google search for home plans, I accidently came across Mr. Ansari's website. After that I contacted him and I expressed my interest to meet him to discuss about home plans and my expectations. However, I was little hesitant to meet him, because, what I had was a small piece of land which is not even 1 ground and I was not sure if architects would ever agree to do the plan which is only 1800sq.ft of land. To my surprise, when I first met him, he made me so comfortable and discussed about how he works, how he plan for the house and also invited to see the nearly finished house(House of Million Stars). I came back with very positive mind after the Initial meet and the very next day I and my family saw the house and blown away with the quality and detailing of the work. After that I never looked back and we proceeded with him. Initial discussions about how we want our house, like how many bedrooms , the no of floors and he came with at least 3 plans. From then on our journey begins from planning, budgeting, construction, finishing , Interiors and helped us to finish our home, which was once a dream is now REAL. Mr. Ansari, during Each stage he had given awesome plans, valuable advices and his firm did the fantastic co-ordination between builders, vendors and us. He had given 100's of drawings starting from Planning, foundation drawings, roof, slab , section , beams, lintel, elevation details, plumbing , electrical and AC layout details and what not. Each stage, HIS TEAM visited the site and made sure everything according to the drawings and given approval to proceed so that I had a peace of mind during the construction while living in abroad. I heard many Architects assign their juniors and would not talk to the clients often. But, I had called almost everyday during the finishing and sometimes during late nights also. Mr. Ansari always there to clear my doubts and willing to explain. Also, he always encourages me to tell what I want and take my idea as first priority and explore if it is practical and guide accordingly. He is VERY OPEN to accept ideas from CLIENTS and he is one of the HUMBLE and MOST TRUSTED person I ever met. Came from a Middle class family, and wanted to build a house to call it a HOME was always OUR DREAM and with a home of this quality and design, I honestly say it was beyond our expectation. But, Mr. Ansari and his team made it REAL. I and My family HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mr. Ansari for your dream home.
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