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My husband and I ordered a design project from Andrey Gordinsky. I was pleased that for him the main thing is not to impose, but just to hear the client. We agreed on the cost and terms, and everything was done as agreed, but the time of the project implementation shifted a little, but this is not because of him. Generally satisfied!
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I ordered a turnkey repair from Andrey, which included the design of the project and the execution of all work on its implementation. As for the design work, everything was done extremely well, agreed with me and together we came to the final concept - this is definitely a plus. During the design, wishes for convenience were taken into account, which is very important. They did a great job and I'm very pleased with this item. Especially the closet in the bedroom! I just love the closet. As for the repair work. As a result, I received a box, plumbing and electrics of good quality, as far as I can say living in it for the 3rd month. This is my first repair and as far as I can tell, the work was done with high quality and does not cause any complaints. The complaint in this block caused an excess of the estimate by 15% of the originally declared one and the deadline for completing repairs in an apartment of 40 square meters for 6 months (I don’t know how long or short it is justifiably). The excess of the budget was justified by the fact that during the repair the material became more expensive, and the long time for the repair was due to the fact that the apartment is not large and only one master can work because of this for so long. How much they are argued, I do not intend to understand, I write as it is. Under the contract, Andrey included technical control over the production of furniture. True, when I chose my furniture manufacturers, and not those proposed by Andrey, our communication became somehow more tense and less friendly. Although, Andrey initially said that I can choose who I want for the production of furniture, and I don’t know why this result turned out. Up to the point that the furniture makers and I could not get the color codes for the facades. During the implementation, there were nuances in size and not everything stated in the design could be implemented: either no one wanted to take it, or the prices were simply called space. As a result, the furniture makers themselves interpreted some aspects of the implementation. Fortunately, the furniture makers I got were really cool, and therefore this stage passed with me almost without nerves. As a result, I can say my conclusion: - design is carried out with high quality, attentive to the wishes of the customer and with knowledge of his business; - I came across good repair contractors and did everything perfectly, but you need to be prepared to overpay; - choose furniture makers yourself and connect them immediately at the stage of design design - save time and nerves, then you will thank yourself! Nothing can be perfect and I'm happy with the result. Be prepared for the nuances described above and then you can definitely start working.
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I used Andrey's services and am delighted with his work. For him, first of all, the client is important, his preferences, wishes, convenience. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail, even where the light will fall from and how it will affect the room and objects around. In its interiors you want to live and enjoy
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