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ARIADNE Studio :: Topological Interior Design via Digital Transformation and QR ARt is part of ARIADNE INSTITUTE FOR TOPOLOGICAL PHILOSOPHY AND DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION

We offer topological and digital solutions for interior Design, Space Design, Project Management and Execution.  

Why Topology? What about topology in architecture? Why topology in interior design?

Topology is essentially studying objects under continuous deformation, without leading to destruction. So stretching or bending, but not breaking or tearing. Until very recently most architects and interior designer didn't care much for studies such as topology. However, the recent evolution of modern design has not only encouraged research in such fields. They use it to their advantage.

The topological trend has brought about a huge boom that affected the change of intellectual concepts and theoretical foundations in architecture and interior design as a result of the use of modern digital technologies.

Following the etymology of word ‘Topology’ (Analysis Situs), from the Greek τόπος, “place”, and λόγος,“study”, our aim is to introduce in interior design topology as conceptual tool for transformation of place and space. The modern home, office, or premises, restaurant or café, garden and landscape shall be transformed from analogue to digital.

Our projects unfold for the interior design the metaphor of Topology through the so called topological thinking or spatial creative thinking of place/space and place/space of thinking, as visualization of knowledge and harmony. Topology is not only a logical proposition from the discipline of mathematical science, but also a notion of rhetoric and language, with ‘topos’ – common place, transgressing the four basic tropes of rhetoric: • metaphor, • metonymy, • synecdoche, • irony, with the emphasis on the metonymy of metonymy or ‘metalepsis’ Toplogical Metalepsis is presented in visual art and visual narrative, in interior design and architecture. 

We emphasize on the meaning of ‘Metalepsis’ as participation, sharing, transgressing and transforming the boundaries (‘in-between’).

Topology indicates a new measure of quality in interior design and architecture. That measure can be both quantified and qualified. It is about the interrelated cohesiveness of ground, things and people.

Why QR codes?

With the help of QR and AR codes we transform the place and space from analogue to digital. The concept of digital transformation is relevant to the space and place.

Architecture becomes with the development of technology more dependent on digital environments, and gets detached from the physical tactility of paper. The process of digitalization in architecture follows the principles of coding and decoding. By reducing the world into dissembled data it becomes easier to manipulate it within the virtual realm, without the inconvenience of constrains in the ‘real-world’ conditions. As a result, architects get unlimited parametric exploration. Rooted in digital techniques, new styles as Topological architecture, with a long wave of systematic innovations, globally unfolds.

We design and produce QR codes augmented with art and design, and incorporates our QR Art within interior design projects. Our services includes direct printing on paper, canvas, glass, pvc, plexiglas, metal, etalbond, wood, mdf and textile.

We devellop digital art content for your digital LCD boards.

Our digital QR and AR expertise and artistic design allows for a great deal of flexibility and delivers the so-desired digital insight with varied individuality of the design for your projects, fashion and interior.

We utilize QR and AR codes in your projects, services, in business or home décor and  fashion. QR codes in fashion is the topos, where technology meets style, QR codes on clothing are here with our smart QR Art clothes in line with the future of wearables.

topological and digital transformation of interior via QR ARt augmented reality
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