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Norfolk Tower, 48-52 Surrey Street
NR1 3PA Norwich
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Shocking service. Please do not use this company if you expect them to deliver large items to a room of your choice. I ordered a larder unit and it was dumped not even upright in my living room. This is despite saying I would cancel the order if they could not place the item where I needed it
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DO NOT SHOP HERE! Terrible communication: I purchased a piece of furniture and was notified that stock would be available 2/3 weeks. 5 weeks went past with no correspondence until I then emailed enquiring. I Was then told 2 different delivery dates. I had Allocated time off work to receive the furniture, only to be told that the courier had lost it in transit. The courier called myself to let me know there was nothing to collect. When I questioned this matter, this item had now ‘conveniently’ become discontinued. Absolute liars! And blamed the courier!!!! I really wish I had checked in on the reviews before purchasing. Seems a lot of customers had a similar treatment.
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My wife took a day off work, waited all day no delivery. Emailed Cotswold twice no response, or apology. Received item still waiting for apology
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