Prestigious Textiles


Excellent fabric choices!! Good trade account to have !
Vor 8 Monaten
Superb fabric supplier with an amazing rep.
Vor fast 2 Jahren
Yeah good tip
Vor fast 2 Jahren
Vor mehr als 2 Jahren
They expect us Curtain Makers to spend a fortune, buying their books. And allow online sites to sell their fabric for £1 a metre more then the trade price. Do not pay them for sample books, you are wasting your money.
Vor mehr als 3 Jahren
Every time I have dealt with Prestigious Textiles I have found them to be nothing but polite, helpful and friendly. I would 100% recommend them.
Vor fast 4 Jahren
Rude, staff need to learn some manners.
Vor mehr als 4 Jahren
Fantastic fabric and very helpful staff . Thanks Hugh
Vor fast 5 Jahren
Amazing place this, proper prestigious textiles.... I wanted to challenge their title, this is how it went.... First off I asked for a magic carpet, they have one! They said it needed charging so wouldn't fly right now but they do have one, I believed them. Next Harry Potter invisibility cloak, yep, in stock! But he can't locate it right now, bit hard to find something invisible, I believed him. Looking for the Bayeux tapestry, they have one but it's in their store in France! He showed me on the internet, I believe them. What about Kylie Minogue's gold hotpants? He has them! Couldn't show me as he was wearing them and it was embarrassing........ I believe him, looked the sort who would.
Vor etwa 5 Jahren
Wow! What rude people! The rude, arrogant, abrupt lady in accounts needs to learn some manners! Very unprofessional putting the phone down on customers who are being polite on the phone to have an abusive lady on the other end this is not good customer service! I strongly advise not to buy any material from this company!
Vor fast 7 Jahren
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