Express Drainage Solutions
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152-154 Commercial Road
TW18 2QW Staines-Upon-Thames
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Excellent response time, friendly and professional staff, very quick to revisit for additional work. Would highly recommend this company for any drainage needs. Keep up the good work!
Vor 3 Monaten
Just brilliant, love to work with them, always quick and professional
Vor 9 Monaten
well, the service was good in a way. I got an engineer in an hours time after confirming that I would require the service. However the engineer struggled to clear the blockage by rodding and jetting for an hour that costed me £198. He Eventually gave up on it suggesting I would need the tanker service for extraction which would be a £525 plus additional charges to locate the blockage using cam service and any fixes need to made etc. The very next day I got TW were called in just to cross check if its not their issue, the guy from TW cleared the blockage in under 15 mins by rodding the blockage, no need for tanker service or any other services that were offered to me. Was completely baffled
Vor 10 Monaten