"EDDA", STONE VASE StoneSoftArt Rustikale Badezimmer Stein Weiß Dekoration
"EDDA", STONE VASE StoneSoftArt Rustikale Badezimmer Stein Weiß Dekoration

“EDDA” – this beautiful stone vase is handmade of translucent white
chinese Soapstone. Natural textures and a massive look combined with a delicate Sea snail and a smooth piece of driftwood from the German Baltic Sea coast make EDDA a great eyecatcher at your home. Typical for StoneSoft Design is the combination of seeming contrasts. That's why we always keep one or two sides of our steatite objects raw to make you see and feel how the piece is changing and transforming through our specific work.

Have a look at the matching tea light holder ISOLDE: https://www.etsy.com/listing/230432789

❤️ Handmade with love and by using unique eco-friendly natural materials - like all our pieces. We want each piece to be unique, to have it's own amazing character. So it becomes a stunning piece of artwork that will get noticed!

Thank you so much for stopping by and enjoying our special approach towards design!

Farbe: Weiß
Material: Stein
Preis: 74 €
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