Dolomyth, Alcarol Alcarol Ausgefallene Wohnzimmer Couch- und Beistelltische
Dolomyth, Alcarol Alcarol Ausgefallene Wohnzimmer Couch- und Beistelltische

Dolomyth aims to capture the complex relief of the Dolomites, which is rich in forms and the result of a successful and harmonious combination of structural shapes and climatic conditions. This unique and dynamic landscape is in constant geomorphological evolution, starting from the Miocene period, when rock layers began to emerge from the sea in which they had sedimented.
alcarol retrieved blocks of local stone from an abandoned quarry. This stone is partially covered with native mosses and lichens giving it a surface that captures the geographical maps of the Dolomite’s mountains. In the vertical section planes are clearly visible the different layers of geological sedimentation, with shades ranging from antique pink to gray. The top surface of the blocks  is the rough and wrinkled natural surface of the rock, unsanded and not worked by man. alcarol has preserved this “skin” marked by time using a resin resembling the water in which these stones lay submerged through various geological eras, freezing the present instant and endowing the blocks with new functionality and new design.

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