House for Holidays, 2009, MFA Architects MFA Architects Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse
House for Holidays, 2009, MFA Architects MFA Architects Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse

A house for holidays, in an agricultural context, characterized by a historical cultivations region: the tradition-idea surrounds this house, with dry walls, little stone constructions, terrepleins, olive tree groves, and it becomes a reference value, in a long time anthropic-nature. The project follows an interpretation of the correlation between tradition and contemporary, it recognizes strong building roots and strong changes at the same time, through a house overlapping the ground, free from agricultural requirements. A strong change of perspective, mediated through the preservation of compositive and technical elements, according to traditional conceptions. The building appears to be solid, linked to the ground in his geometric outline, a heavy volume. The elevations show a materic substance in the white plastered walls, recalling an ancient construction idea, with walls as diagonal escarpments. The various dimension squared windows, woodmade, freely dot the elevation on different levels, without freezing in a proportional scheme, concerning to an ancient and non-noble building conformation. Thus, each front is different by others. The wall thickness gushes out from the windows, and once in the internal space, it creates important obliquities on sides, to suggest an orientated and focused vision on the changing landscape and his perspectives, shaded in the horizon with trees, earth, sky. In reality, the walls are made by a mixed system: the lower part, made by concrete blocks, is a stone-full cavity wall; above the concrete architrave, walls become lighter, the section decreases, and the internal and external concrete blocks become one. Internally, the house is characterized by barrel vault roofs, tuff-made, that run parallel to the plan, and define a high-impact image and gravity above the ambients. Materials own a constant reference to local traditions: the vault stones mirrors itself in the leccese stone floor. The plan disposition distinguishes the functional zones, following the best orientation possible, in relation to thermal conditions and landscape views.

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