House of Kami, 一級建築士事務所アトリエm 一級建築士事務所アトリエm Moderne Häuser Stahlbeton Grau
House of Kami, 一級建築士事務所アトリエm 一級建築士事務所アトリエm Moderne Häuser Stahlbeton Grau

A plan place

 The plan place in the southeastern edge of Osaka is the residential area where a small factory in town coexists. The public bath of the neighboring land leaves the taste of the old downtown district of Osaka just a little. 

A plan

  As for the demand from a client, in the inside and outside, it is a house of the exposed concrete. The living room, dining room of the first floor attached great importance to a connection with a new garden. In addition, I put a courtyard among walls in the south side not to need to mind the eyes of the neighborhood. I thought if I stood in the kitchen so that I always saw the trees of the courtyard.

 The second floor is a bedroom in the west. Tatami room in the East. I put a line of flow part, a bathroom in the north side to link them. I considered the bedroom not to take too much in light. Conversely, It is just deeply; made the Tatami room a window to the top so that light arrived. With that in mind, I establish the wall of 1.8m and give a role to disturb eyes. I hoped that the wall brought mental security and a strong shadow, vivid light.

A theme

 A garden, a courtyard, the outside such as the approach and the internal space are joined together by the middle area that the gap of the skeleton produces. Molding without waste makes structure the beauty. The thing to be able to remove removes it thoroughly. I think that it leads to refined architecture.

Farbe: Grau
Material: Stahlbeton
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