1950-house, AtelierorB AtelierorB Industriale Häuser Holz Holznachbildung
1950-house, AtelierorB AtelierorB Industriale Häuser Holz Holznachbildung

1950-house concept

[Location] Site of 120.63㎡ located in a residential area of Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture.

[Request of owner] 1. Enhance the storage capacity for household goods. 2. Optimize functionality for residents. 3. Design the space, which works well with Antique 4. Open space to heal daily fatigue.

[Idea of design]

~ Construction costs and function ~ 1. Minimize construction costs by reducing the size of building. 2. Enhance functionality while reducing cost by using standard size building materials.

~ Theme ~ Security and privacy are valued in Japan today, while a calming open space is necessary to conflict social stress In this plan, the balance of external fortitude is contrasted by consideration for internal peacefulness.

~ Specific ideas ~ 1. Dirt floor space of width 1820mm passing from east to west (910mm: general Japanese module). 2. Atrium of dirt floor. 3. 2-layer stairs sandwiched between walls (1-2 floor, 2-loft floor). 4. High-side light placed at top of the stairs.

~ Miscellaneous thoughts and concerns ~ Stairs sandwiched between walls may feel closed, but light and shadow creates a rich expression with tubular stairs. Changes in distributed visual distance emphasis open and closed space and gives a similar feeling to a naturally wooded area

~ Outside appearance design ~ Outside appearance was inspired from the push-pull operation of 3D modeling software form (SketchUp).

[Building Summary] Type: new construction Applications: residential Scale: 2-storey (+ loft floor) Total floor area: 85.33㎡ 1 floor area: 43.30㎡ 2 floor area: 42.03㎡ (Loft floor: 12.47㎡) Structure: wooden Location: Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture Completion Date: January 2014 Design supervision: Atelierorb Testuya Nishimoto Construction: Kiraku koubou Tachi architecture

Farbe: Holznachbildung
Material: Holz
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