Schholmasters build different Moderne Wohnzimmer
Schholmasters build different Moderne Wohnzimmer

Schoolmasters is a low energy eco house located near Aberdeen, Scotland. It was designed and built by Stuart Duncan of ‘build different’ It was constructed as 6 volumetric modules in West Sussex and then transported 600 miles to Aberdeen on several trucks. The single storey house utilises Passivhaus design principals and renewable technologies to ensure lower running costs. The house is powered by a 5.5kw solar PV array and a biomass stove. A solar switch diverts any export electricity to heat the 500 litre water store. The pellet stove provides any additional heat that may be required in winter. Adopting a ‘fabric first’ approach, the super insulated, airtight structure features south facing triple glazed windows and doors. Mechanical ventilation heat recovery recycles and keeps the internal air fresh and warm. Tyvek reflective membranes help keep heat in the building.

Smart home technologies ensure comfort and convenient control via an ipad or smartphone.

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