Living Cube Till Könneker
Living Cube Till Könneker

Living Cubes and Living Walls are modular furniture systems that combine eight to twelve different pieces of furniture into one compact footprint: a media unit large enough for a flat panel TV, shelves suitable for books, records and clothing, a drop-down work space, a coat wardrobe, shoe racks, a minibar, multipurpose drawers, bike & skateboard mounts, a queen-size bed-ready loft, and an interior 'New Room' for additional storage or workspace utility.

Born out of a personal need to address a challenging living situation (lack of storage, limited space), Living Cube is both efficient and sleek — a genuinely inspired marriage of form and function. Living Cube is affordable, handcrafted furniture for the discerning urban dweller, or anyone who requires equal parts utility and style.

“I wanted to focus on practicality and functionality and skip any unnecessary elements. My goal was to come up with a timeless design that fits any space and living situation.”— Till Könneker, Designer

Credits: Till Könneker
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