11 smart ways to store and hang your clothes

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11 smart ways to store and hang your clothes

Will Sayner Will Sayner
  von SAZONOVA group, Skandinavisch
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 Finding storage space for clothes can be a real problem. Many of us simply don't have the room, and often even if we do, things get hidden away so they're not readily available when we need them.

Parkinson's Law states that work expands to fill your time, and often the same relationship seems to exist between the possessions one owns and the space one has available. Even those of us luckily enough to have ample space in our homes will sometimes find it difficult to keep the place uncluttered and organised. However, that could all change after you see what we have in store for you today!

1. Under-bed boxes

better.sleeping:  Schlafzimmer von better.interiors,Ausgefallen



 Not the most original or glamorous way to store clothes, but under-bed boxes are undeniably practical! They make use of space that would otherwise go wasted; a real space saver for smaller apartments.

2. Use whatever suits you

 There are no rules to creating storage space other than using what works and what looks good. Upcycling can add some originality and character to your room, such as our example above where the suitcase covers have been removed and turned into shelves!

3. Get hooked

 Rows of hooks may be practical, but they lack flair and suggest a simple lack of storage space rather than a stylistic choice. Jazz it up for storage and style by attaching an array of hooks at different heights.

4. It may be curtains after all

 Open storage is probably the most convenient and practical way to store, and have access to your clothes, but understandably you may not want everything on display. Long drapes can solve the problem, and be pushed to the side when not needed.

5. Shoes a better alternative

 Shoes are particularly troublesome when it comes to allocating storage space; rows by the door look cluttered and piles of shoes at the bottom of the closet can make it difficult to find the pair you need in a hurry. A slide out shoe display could be the perfect solution!

6. Off the wall ideas

Styling Ankleidezimmer:  Ankleidezimmer von Kristina Steinmetz Design,Skandinavisch
Kristina Steinmetz Design

Styling Ankleidezimmer

Kristina Steinmetz Design

 Wall mounted baskets are a great way of temporarily storing items such as clothes waiting to be ironed.

7. A clear solution

Tender Nature Hemdablage: modern  von CABINET Schranksysteme AG,Modern
CABINET Schranksysteme AG

Tender Nature Hemdablage

CABINET Schranksysteme AG

 Glass shelves look fantastic, and could be a great way to separate and store your most delicate items.

8. Where to keep the footwear

Detail Schuh- und Handtaschenregal: modern  von homify,Modern

Detail Schuh- und Handtaschenregal


 If your shoe collection is just too fabulous to be hidden away, a strip-lit display shelf zigzagging through the room could turn it into an art installation!

9. Hang on, we have another solution!

 Why not install a hanging shelf suspended from the ceiling? This simple, yet elegant solution will provide you with easy access to your favourite garments.

10. The solution unfolds

 Folding screens can really complement the room by adding a touch of vintage style. Primarily used as a changing area, they can also be utilised for storage by adding a series of coat hangers to the top.

11. An open-and-closed case

:  Ankleidezimmer von homify,Industrial

 As is true with so many things in life, the solution often lies in the middle ground. The best solution to optimising clothes storage often involves a combination of open and closed systems, such as the one above by Famm Design.

 Still searching for more space increasing ideas? We can help you add more storage to a small bedroom.

VIO 302 - Terrasse:  Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder),Modern

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