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Projecto 2 Grupo HC Moderner Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus
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Thanks to evolution in the design- and architectural realms (or should we just call it ‘innovative thinking’?), indoor gardening is no longer just a few potted plants on a windowsill. Today we can flaunt some lovely trees in our homes, if we have the legroom and required tools to accomplish an interior garden space. 

A fantastic location, the appropriate plants, and a good lighting source – sounds easy enough, right? 

Well, if you have been thinking about sprucing up your interiors with some fresh greenery, then this article is specially for you, for we are taking a look at some super modern examples of interior gardens – for our love of elegance and also for your inspiration, of course.

1. A stunning display case

We kick off with a bang – a stylish one. Just see how fantastic all these elements come together: white pebbles, a few potted plants, modern lighting fixtures, and all of these displayed behind a crystal-clear glass pane.

The perfect décor piece for your sophisticated interiors, don’t you agree?

2. An essential location

The Running Wall Residence LIJO.RENY.architects Häuser

The Running Wall Residence


Of course that indoor garden of yours needs to be noticeable, as well as practical. Take a look at this prime location: right next to the staircase (meaning it’s in a frequently used location), plus it gets an adequate dose of natural lighting from the nearby windows.2

3. Small, yet effective

Bigger is not necessarily better. Take a look at our example above: a modest section of pebbles and stones, joined by a few plants and a tiny water feature. Small, yet very striking. 

Seeking a professional interior designer/decorator to help you plan that amazing indoor garden? Look no further…

4. Pick your plants wisely

Indoor gardens differ greatly from outdoor ones, as they require different amounts of sunlight. That is why some careful consideration needs to go into your choice of indoor garden plants. Ask your local nursery for advice on this.

5. The right light

Near a window or any location that gets optimum natural lighting is the best spot for your indoor garden. Our favourite location? Right underneath a skylight (as pictured above), as your selection of plants and flowers will be spoiled with ample sunlight to photosynthesise in peace. 

Plus, the light is sure to make those white pebbles (if you choose to add these) sparkle with style.

6. Creative placements

You don’t have to resort to only your entrance hall or next to the staircase to place your indoor garden. As long as you remember the vital elements such as lighting and visibility, you can get quite creative with where you opt for those indoor greens.

How about right behind your living room sofa, as pictured above?

7. Underneath the stairs

Projecto 2 Grupo HC Moderner Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus
Grupo HC

Projecto 2

Grupo HC

That weird area underneath the staircase is ideal for about a thousand functions (such as extra storage, a small study, a bookcase, etc.) – and an indoor garden is one of them! Not only is this an effective way to use up that space that so often goes vacant, but it transforms it into an eye-catching feature that spruces up your interiors in a stylish and fresh way. 

Take a look at these: 10 Genius, easy solutions for the space under your stairs!

8. Additional details

Don’t think that some white stones and a fresh dose of sunlight means your indoor garden is complete. What about some additional features to make it more “wow”? 

Some fancy wall art, a striking wall finish, artificial lighting fixtures, decorative elements, furniture pieces – the possibilities of how you can zhoosh up your interior garden surroundings are quite endless.

Just be sure to stop before it reaches a cluttered look. But until then, have fun!

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