7 cosy rustic kitchens that you will love

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7 cosy rustic kitchens that you will love

Lindsay Whitney Lindsay Whitney
Landhaus Küchen von Intra Arquitectos Landhaus
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This list is for those who love country living and country design aesthetics, and there may be no better room in the house fit for country decor than the kitchen – the warm centre and hearth of the home. Some key elements to country style include wood, old stones of grey or charcoal, a warm colour palette and… more wood, of course. 

A salt-of-the-earth, laid back and cosy atmosphere should be the end result of any country decoration scheme. And with that, let us begin our list with an all wood, absolutely curvaceous kitchen boasting a truly unique kitchen design…

1. That kitchen has got some curves

The wood countertops curving around the wall's edges in this kitchen are really amazing and make this smaller kitchen way more functional than it would have been without them. The cream stone walls seem to melt into the wood, including the little dining table and the retro-rustic fridge. 

2. Old time elegance

A kitchen of stone and rock walls with hard rosewood ceilings, a fireplace set atop a stony platform and a distressed country wooden dining table, big enough for the whole family plus some friends? Pretty much the epitome of the warm sophistication central to rustic design. 

3. Modern rustic

This one is an inspiration to all small kitchen owners. An old-fashioned oven and stove in shiny black stands out amongst a palette of white walls and cupboards, a simple light pinewood table for two and a smudgy light blue wooden door.

4. Darker shades

If your kitchen already has quite a lot of natural sunlight coming in, you're safe to emulate this darker, more eclectic country style which uses a colour pattern of dark blues, aqua marines and charcoals at virtually every turn, aside from the cherry wood window and door frames. In classic rustic style, the pots and utensils hang from the ceiling and a bowl of fruit invites you to have a snack and stay for a while.

5. The very picture of kitchen cosiness

Provence Villa in İstanbul Landhaus Küchen von Orkun İndere Interiors Landhaus
Orkun İndere Interiors

Provence Villa in İstanbul

Orkun İndere Interiors

Shelving and hanging pots delightfully dominate this kitchen space, which could be described as 'Mediterranean country' with its teal accent walls and ocean blue mosaic backsplash behind the modest black stove. The modern and high-quality wood island is working nicely with the curtain-cupboards, which are a welcome nod to older rustic kitchen designs.

6. Warm and bold

This is a fine example of mosaic tiles being used to achieve a solid country look – they marry nicely with the large, burnt orange centre stove and island that is clearly the star of this kitchen. Who would not want to hang out around in this warm space?

7. Classic country in white

No list of rustic kitchens would be complete without one that pops with bright white wood tables and cabinetry. In this case, the cupboards have been beautifully crafted--a graceful and tasteful mix of curves and straight edges. A fun addition here is the accent wall made entirely of chalkboard so you can draw or put what's for dinner up for everyone to see. Beautiful!

Haven't had enough of your rustic kitchen fix yet? Check out the rustic home that fuses with nature.

VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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