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When it comes to lighting the majority of us are concerned about going green and the environment but what exactly does that mean and does that limit our lighting options? The answer is no! With energy efficient track lighting not only can you still achieve the level of lighting that you desire but there are actually more options available as a lot of manufacturers are now producing track lighting with energy efficiency in mind.

Track lighting is a great option for any room as it enables odd spaces – like rooms with beams – to be well lit. It is also the perfect accompaniment to LED lights, which are incredibly energy efficient, meaning you get low voltage lighting whilst retaining the lighting look you want. There is no need to compromise on design and style and below are a great selection of energy efficient track lighting to spark your imagination!

Single track

From the small and many to the long and many. These lights look like they are one long continuous track and the final effect is very welcoming and wonderful. By running a track along the wall and hiding it away, spacing low voltage bulbs close together helps create the effect of one long and continuous light. Once more, we can see that if high voltage bulbs were used, the effect would be lost. Low voltage track lighting is perfect here.

Sleek lights

Energy efficiency certainly isn't always at the forefront of our minds when it comes to how we want our finished rooms to look. Style is usually where we focus our thoughts. However, it is easy enough to achieve both. These track lights are contemporary and very sleek. This minimlaist approach to lighting was designed by Hall Bednarczyk Architects, and it looks wonderful. By using LED lights in the sockets, we manage to achieve the desired look, whilst remaining green.

Let them hang

Raumfassendes Einbaumöbel Holzgeschichten Moderne Küchen

Raumfassendes Einbaumöbel


We love that you can really play around with lighting. Here we see a mix of track and pendant lighting combined into one. These lights are playful and fun and really make the table the centrepiece of the room. The track is barely noticeable, which adds to the look. The bulbs can easily be energy saving and be whichever wattage we need to make the room look bright. Yet, because of the low height of these lights, low wattage, energy efficient bulbs would be perfectly suited.


When we say contemporary, this is the sort of image we have in mind. This is an award winning home that has low ceilings, exposed beams and is perfect for track lighting. We love the shape of these circular lights above the dining table. They are reminiscent of dinner plates, so are perfect for the spot they light. The shape projects the low voltage lights around the disc and down to the table below.

Window lights

Grey Roofs, Crackington Haven, Cornwall The Bazeley Partnership Moderne Küchen
The Bazeley Partnership

Grey Roofs, Crackington Haven, Cornwall

The Bazeley Partnership

When it comes to minimalism, this room is just it. The stark white of the kitchen is a lovely contrast to the warmth the wooden floor gives. It needed lights to reflect this look. The lights are placed with precision above the window to keep the sleek look. The thin track has enough lights to project light all around the space in the evening. The windows clearly provide a lot of light during the day here. With some LED bulbs, the hieght of the ceiling isn't an issue, as the light would still reach all of the desired areas.


Basement with Light well, Clapham SW11 TOTUS Moderne Küchen

Basement with Light well, Clapham SW11


If we have an awkward space to light and natural lighting is hard to come by, then low voltage track lighting, like this one, is a great option. This is a basement home, where light can be limited and by lighting darker spaces, it really opens up the whole home. These lights hang low, but really work at highlight the corner they are in. They are very unique and bespoke. Track lighting can be built for purpose, making it very flexible.

Switch to downlight

LIVE IN Moderne Wohnzimmer

Making a change is an easy thing. Many people have existing lighting in place, and if this is the case, just change your bulbs to low voltage. If we fancy a change, then this is pretty simple too. Here we love these downlights, as opposed to ceiling lighting. By running a track along the wall, it highlights whilst adding a warm light to the room. It looks stunning.

Pretty and small

This room is very minimalist in it's look. It is a small and narrow space that wouldn't suit a pendant light. The owners have opted for track lighting, but in sets of two, rather than one long light. The key to this track lighting is that it helps the room feel bigger when they are on. They really go well with the lights on the wall, which have a more industrial feel. With so many small lights, keeping the bulbs low voltage is the perfect option, or we would end up with a very harshly lit living room.

Low light

The joy of low voltage track lighting is that is isn't too bright. It is something that can add appeal without getting in your way, visually speaking. These track lights are almost invisible, which is part of their appeal. The tracks blend in seamlessly with the wood on the ceiling, and the lights are well spaced to offer maximum light to this room.


These tracks are a little bit different. In this very rustic kitchen, we can see that they are the perfect low voltage lighting option. They sit just sticking out a little bit and offer great light, directly down onto the work tops. Pendant lighting would have worked well here, but ultimately these lights just look better.

For more lighting inspiration, check out our Ideabook: Cool suspended Lights.

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