Garden DIY projects - simple and quick home improvement

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Garden DIY projects – simple and quick home improvement

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modern  von Hen and Hammock, Modern
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Sunday is the day of rest but if you don't want to waste all of it lounging around, why not tackle a couple of super simple and quick home improvement projects in your garden?

We know you're thinking that nothing is ever as easy as you imagine it will be, but these ideas we have for you are child's play, we promise.

You won't break the bank or need a professional gardener to come in and do these for you, so take a look and see why you might like to try your hand at this weekend!

1. Treat or stain your fence

Raised Flower Beds and Ever Greens von IS AND REN STUDIOS LTD

Raised Flower Beds and Ever Greens


Fun colours are a great option!

2. Upcycle an old garden chair by giving it a quick spray paint

Black Wicker Chair: modern  von homify,Modern

Black Wicker Chair


The bolder the colour, the better.

3. Make some new cushions for your outdoor seating

Terraced Courtyard Garden Design von homify Klassisch

Terraced Courtyard Garden Design


This make it much more cosy.

4. Give your rusty old barbecue a coat of metal paint

Vancouver with grill von La Hacienda Klassisch
La Hacienda

Vancouver with grill

La Hacienda

It'll look new again!

5. Bird boxes are an easy project

modern  von Hen and Hammock, Modern
Hen and Hammock

Prism Nest Box

Hen and Hammock

And kids will love getting involved.

6. Build some shelves inside your greenhouse

Swallow Kingfisher 6x10 Wooden Greenhouse von homify Klassisch

Swallow Kingfisher 6x10 Wooden Greenhouse


You'll double its growing potential.

7. Fashion an awning

So you have some much needed rain cover or shade. Garden canes and canvas can work well on a budget!

8. Use pallets to make beautiful flower displays

You don't even need to paint them.

9. Create hanging light jars

Cosmic Jar von HeadSprung Ltd Minimalistisch
HeadSprung Ltd

Cosmic Jar

HeadSprung Ltd

Use a battery-powered string of fairy lights and a Kilner container.

10. Create a herb garden

Use old household DIY materials, such as drainpipes.

11. Nail some pallets together to make amazing seating

Garden corner unit von Pallet furniture uk Ausgefallen
Pallet furniture uk

Garden corner unit

Pallet furniture uk

A brilliant budget furniture solution!

12. Repurpose some old household items as funky planters

Zinc Metal Bucket von Lilac Coast Landhaus
Lilac Coast

Zinc Metal Bucket

Lilac Coast

These look really cool and are sure to attract interest.

13. Design a family-friendly addition that the kids will love

Garden playground von Timotay Playscapes Klassisch
Timotay Playscapes

Garden playground

Timotay Playscapes

MDF can make anything!

For more garden inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 30 truly low-maintenance gardens (so one less hassle).

VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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