The Quintessential English Country Garden

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The Quintessential English Country Garden

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Cottage Garden, Cheshire Rustikaler Garten von Barnes Walker Ltd Rustikal
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There's a reason why English country gardens are the stuff of legend and have songs written about them. They are so naturally beautiful and invoke images of wonderful summer days, which is why countless gardens have been perfectly landscaped to reflect all the key characteristics of these fabulous spaces.

Today's project is the ideal example of a quintessential English country haven, so let's take a look at what the incredible landscaping team accomplished and see if you might fancy injecting a little tradition into your outdoor space!

Just dreamy

Rear garden patio with climbers Rustikaler Garten von Barnes Walker Ltd Rustikal
Barnes Walker Ltd

Rear garden patio with climbers

Barnes Walker Ltd

From the beautifully draping wisteria on the house to the full-to-bursting raised beds, this spot is every inch a stunning English garden, especially thanks to the flagstone terrace with a lovely teak dining set placed on it.

At every turn, luscious greenery and bright blooms bring such a country garden feel that we half expect to see Morris dancers popping into shot!

The lead up

​Driveway Rustikaler Garten von Barnes Walker Ltd Rustikal

Even the driveway and lead up to the main part of the garden looks astounding, so we can only imagine the scale of the landscaping project that was undertaken in order to achieve such a wonderfully cohesive end result.

The cobbled drive is the ideal addition, marrying with flagstones seamlessly. However, the real triumph here is that everything looks as though it could have been in place for decades already.

Gorgeous in green

Steps up to the garden from the drive Rustikaler Garten von Barnes Walker Ltd Rustikal
Barnes Walker Ltd

Steps up to the garden from the drive

Barnes Walker Ltd

As any British fan of gardening knows, we can't rely on the weather to be even remotely predictable. Consequently,  experienced landscapers will always seek to plant flowers and shrubs with hardier predispositions and will be evergreen.

That has clearly happened here, as the bustling beds see gorgeous foliage jostling for space and looking full and vivacious. That's not something you want to lose just because the temperature drops.

Make a wish

We're pretty sure that the client's dreams all came true with this beautiful landscaping project but, just in case they didn't, what a fabulous feature to include in the grounds.

English country gardens are notorious for quirky little extra touches, such as hidden statues, secluded summer houses or antique wishing wells ,and this one looks perfectly at home.

No stiff upper lips here

Retaining walls and steps Rustikaler Garten von Barnes Walker Ltd Rustikal
Barnes Walker Ltd

Retaining walls and steps

Barnes Walker Ltd

We might be known for bad weather and keeping a stony face when everything collapses around us here in the UK, but that doesn't mean that we don't like a little fun every now and then too.

Far from staying within the realms of purely green hues, the planting of vibrant blooms helps to cheer this garden up and injects a little cheeky frivolity. Not too much though, we are British, after all!

For more garden inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 17 Great Garden Rooms You Can Find Peace And Quiet.

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