Incorporating retro furniture into your home

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We’re a species that can’t help but look back to the past as much as we look forward. Ever hungry for nostalgia and the nourishing aspects of yesteryear, with rose tinted glasses we pride ourselves on salvaging cherished elements of the past, be it in our fashions, our musical tastes, and most definitely in the way we deck out our homes. Retro furniture and interior style will never lose its appeal in the domestic realm, and the beauty is that nostalgia extends a fair way—it all depends how far back you want to go. Here’s some timely examples of great retro fit-outs, from roaring 20s vanity to 50s chrome and colour, to delightful 60s subversion! 

Cast your eye over these nifty inspirations, take a trip back in time and choose what you’d like to make a hip, retro statement in your home interior

Retro folding card table


If you think you’ve seen the end of the Formica topped, chrome legged 50’s home staple then think again! This table is no longer relegated to your nanna’s antiquated kitchen or your first dirty share house—the 50’s have made a comeback and this retro beauty is no exception. Of course, the table is now paired with a chic contemporary kitchen, fresh white palette and those sticky vinyl seats have been reupholstered in a more comfortable fabric. This is a style that can easily be replicated in your own abode—trawl the second hand furniture stores and you are sure to find a bargain, just remember to contrast the retro appeal of your new gear with some fresh and current decor.

1950’s rocking chair

A classic from the 50’s, this Eames rocking chair has stood the test of time. Entered as a prototype in MoMA’s 1948 Low-Cost Furniture Design, this chair is now the go-to seat for style and flair. Not only a comfortable addition to your space, but a stylish one—pair this piece with another contrasting retro chair, art side table, pattered rug and white colour scheme, for a stylish and enjoyable room that draws attention.

Art Deco console table

For many of us, the term ‘Art Deco’ conjures up dingy vintage images of our parents’ or grandparents’ time warp styled abodes. However, utilising art deco furniture doesn’t mean your home has to look like a scene from The Shining. Forget the Overlook Hotel and incorporate some stylish deco charm into your entrance hall or foyer—you will find the solid and stable allure of well-constructed timber furniture creates glamour and appeal in your dwelling.

Roaring 20’s vanity

Who doesn’t love the roaring 1920’s? Spirited glamour, parties and Hollywood—back then, people were enjoying a period of playfulness, jazz clubs and fast sports cars; women dressed in flapper style, partied until the early morning and life was carefree. Why not inject some of that frivolity and style into your own home? This 20s styled vanity is the epitome of the Jazz Age, glossy alabaster paired with sleek contrasting black granite—if you are looking for a statement piece to boost your bravura and design cred, this is it.

1960’s dining chair

Who could forget the sixties, a time of cultural and political change, a time so polarising that its radical and subversive events will trickle down into minds for generations. The 1960’s are synonymous with fresh and anarchistic thinking, and it was within this decade that huge changes took place in design and style. Why not blast back into the past and incorporate a piece of furniture that, for its time, was bold and new, something that even now is a prominent design staple. This dining room takes the iconic 1967 Panton Chair and coordinates with an equally organic-shaped table—simply add to this unique, bold light fittings and neutral organic hues.

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