Top 5 Projects of the Week: Ultimate Backyards to a Revived Cottage Ruin

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Top 5 Projects of the Week: Ultimate Backyards to a Revived Cottage Ruin

Leigh Theodore Vlassis Leigh Theodore Vlassis
modern  von m design , Modern
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This week at homify we had a surprising collection of your favourite top 5 projects! From inspirational and inventive to classy and crazy, this has been one of the most random collection of projects that have made the top 5 list. You've been inspired by 6 ultimate backyard retreats, where we showed you a selection of contemporary and modern to futuristic and innovative ideas for your backyard; and you have also been curious about an extraordinary ruined Spanish cottage that became a true dream home. Sit back, relax and if for any reason you may have missed the action this week, here are the top 5 projects that made the cut.

6 ultimate backyard retreats

Just as important as the interior, every home needs a practical, functional and a cleverly designed exterior. Our back gardens, terraces provide us with the space and opportunity to detach ourselves from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. From futuristic and inventive to contemporary modern, these ultimate backyard retreats will help inspire you to create your own personal solitude. Click here, for the full list. 

House With a Great Backside

With a complete interior overhaul, this expansive five-bedroom house in the west London district of Ealing has been completely re-imagined and re-furnished to enter into a class of its own. Keeping in line with the architecture already present in the area, the exterior red brick has been renovated and re-painted to exude a more refined look. The surprise however, lies inside and out the back. Take a tour here.

The Grey Gatsby House

Ausgefallene Häuser von in2home Ausgefallen

This discerning house is anything but boring and bland. Displaying a fascinating blend of traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary edge, this humble home's surprisingly spacious proportions offer more than enough space for the young owners to explore with. A traditional building with an eclectic interior this home is worth a re-visit. Take a tour, here.

9 fun kid’s bedroom ideas

modern  von m design , Modern

We love sleep! However, it can a be a little bit more difficult to entice the kiddies to hit the hay. Coming in at number 4 this week was the Ideabook on '9 fun kid's bedroom ideas'. With a fantastic collection of fun and playful to classy and cosy bedroom ideas, this Ideabook will hopefully help inspire you to find the best design for your children's bedroom. See the full list of ideas, here.

A Ruined Cottage Becomes a Dream Home

Rounding out the top 5 projects of this week and chosen by all of our wonderful readers, is this previously neglected cottage ruin in Galicia, Spain, turned character-rich dream home. Maintaining all of the house's pre-existing architectural qualities and features, this cottage has been re-born without detaching itself from its original identity. To have a glimpse of what awaits inside, click here.

VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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