​8 small apartment kitchen ideas

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Fond of cooking and dream of a fully equipped modular kitchen in your small apartment? Well, everything is possible in the 21st century! 

Not all city dwellers get to avail the luxury of a spacious kitchen these days. With an ever growing space constraint in city apartments, it becomes all the more important to design and furnish an existing small kitchen. Minute elements like lighting, flooring, color and cabinets can make a whole lot of difference with endless possibilities. This ideabook presents to you some innovative and truly functional ideas for a modern kitchen in small apartments. 

Cozy and compact

This compact space has both kitchen and the dining area. It saves you space for separate cabinets and dining table. This white beauty looks spacious and ultra modern with the use of cozy white dining table that perfectly merges with the kitchen décor and lends a spacious feel to the area.

Rustic style


This is a small rustic style kitchen that has scored the maximum on both storage and style. The perky gas stove and the very traditional slab, add a bright and modern charm to the whole area. Don’t forget the use of brickwork that does pure justice to the look. The use of stone platform and thick linen will surely take you thousand years back without compromising on the functionality.

Wooden wonders

This kitchen has all it takes to be modern and contemporary. With the use of drawers and cabinets, enough storage space is added in the kitchen. There is enough room for maneuverability and accessibility. Also a good amount of light can enter the kitchen for ease in cooking. The wooden tiles project the kitchen as long and spacious and the use of light toned cabinets makes it look roomier.

Decorative tiles

The decorative tiles add brightness and eliminate dullness from the area. This kitchen shows that with a symmetry in wall tiles, floor tiles and the kitchen cabinets, the kitchen can be made a beautiful place to cook and serve. This place feels so illuminated that it adds life to other parts of the house as well. A cherry on the top is provided by the metal light hung in the center for added illumination.

Small and illuminated

This is a very small kitchen overlooking the exteriors. It is so well planned and managed that it fulfills all the functions of a larger kitchen. It has all modern fittings and appliances combined in one place. Every single inch of this corner has been converted into a storage space. Maximum use of vertical space is done for added comfort. This kitchen has natural light coming from the serene glass window along with the metal lamp for use during nights. Again the use of extensive white and egg shell hues, adds life and positivity to the kitchen. The brightness is attributed to the perky floor pattern. Barc architects from UK, are professionals in this field and can be contacted for any support and assistance. 

United we stand

This is a traditional utensil stand that has been used since ages. The different cabinets and shelves still prove very helpful in storing a variety of tools and utensils. This single unit nullifies the need of wooden cabinets and modular kitchen. It is perfect for a smaller household, which can spare just a single wall for placing all their kitchen needs. This is a hassle free stand with no drawers to open and easy accessibility. This kitchen stand makes everything visible to you at a glance and saves you time of looking for stuff in different drawers otherwise.

Combined cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are the key players in maintaining a neat and tidy kitchen. They not only help you organize stuff, but also add a fun element to your kitchen décor. All you need while deciding a kitchen is the trick to maximize the storage cabinets which is generally a brainstorming topic for smaller kitchens. The first thing to consider is the color. Similar to the above patterns, always go for white and neutral shades. The second and the most important is make enough use of the available space. In smaller kitchens you cannot afford to loose space on style and pattern. Go for combined and united patterns that can extract maximum space out of the corners as well. Always choose regular and sleek rectangular or square shape. Going for something unique like circular or oval with maximizing wastage.

The space saver

Designed in white and gray, this kitchen saves you a lot of space as it is built next to the dining table. It occupies one corner of the house and has all cabinets and drawers inbuilt in the wall. A sleek counter with bar stools exude an ultra modern effect. 

We hope you liked the latest kitchen ideas in this ideabook. For more ideas and inspiration, do not forget to checkout this one : A glowing new apartment 

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