15 reasons moving home isn't so bad after all

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15 reasons moving home isn't so bad after all

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It's thought to be one of life's most challenging and stressful tasks, but moving home can actually be a wonderful thing. Not only will you have the chance to finally have the kitchen of your dreams, you also get to firmly put your stamp on a brand new space that you can call your own.

For a few days of anguish, you can look forward to creating a lifetime of fabulous new memories, so don't dread a big move, call a removals team and enjoy the process by keeping these upsides in mind!

1. A change really can be as good as a rest, if you're feeling a little bored or static

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2. You get to drink Champagne, to celebrate your new home!

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3. When you are all unpacked, you will feel fantastically smug

4. You get to sit around drinking tea and appreciating your new space, no questions asked

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5. You'll find long-forgotten treasures in the moving process

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6. Who doesn't love an excuse to buy new cutlery and accessories?

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7. You can throw a big housewarming party!

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8. There's no better time to embrace a proper declutter

9. You'll get new neighbours, who could become lifelong friends

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10. DIY will become your favourite new hobby. Who knows what you'll create!

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11. Discovering hidden storage will make you feel like a big kid!

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12. When you get your new home exactly as you want it, you won't have to do it again for a long time!

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13. You'll have a good excuse to buy that bedroom set you've had your eye on

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14. You'll have lots of opportunities to try out all the feature wallpaper you've been lusting after

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15. It's a chance to really make a space your own, without any compromises!

For more helpful moving home ideas, take a look at this Ideabook: 14 Tricks To Help You Avoid Losing Your Home Deposit.

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