A couple's dramatic home makeover

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A couple's dramatic home makeover

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Moderne Schlafzimmer von acertus Modern
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Welcome to the picturesque port city of Valencia where futuristic and old-world architecture coexists peacefully. The city overlooks the glorious Mediterranean Sea and is peppered with beautiful parks and beaches. And while exploring its many delights, we came across the APARTAMENTO AR, previously a drab and gloomy home filled with dated accents, boring designs, and dingy colours. So the restoration and renovation experts at Acertus stepped in to give it a fashionable revamp with oodles of bright white and light hues, neat and modern furnishing, a minimalistic decor scheme, and quirky touches. To find out more about the transformation of this young couple's home, read on…

Before & after: a bathroom transformed

modern  von acertus, Modern

The area available in this bathroom gave the designers the idea of expanding the vanity space. The stone-tiled walls were replaced with matte-finish spotless panels of white, matching the white bureau that is now wall mounted with a circular mirror above it for a bigger perspective – literally! The overall look is neater, cleaner and brighter.

After: a chic living room

Moderne Wohnzimmer von acertus Modern

The monochrome appeal of the living room offers visual depth that is subtle yet vibrant, in its own way. The pink and grey hues as well as the quirky seating and design accents ensure that you are riveted by the warm and inviting setting. Artworks, wooden flooring and a glossy bureau add to the aesthetic details of the young-looking space, while the carved bust in black draws the eye instantly.

Before & after: From dull to dreamy

modern  von acertus, Modern

The dull brown stones of the previous bathroom, as well as the overwhelming stripes of the shower curtain, made for a chaotic look. In the renovated bathroom, the white marble tiles with their grey veins and sharp-edged tub make for a more modern glow! Sleek fixtures and smart shelves bring in added improvement.

Before & after: shabby to chic

modern  von acertus, Modern

The previous bathroom incarnation suffered from a busy tile pattern that ran halfway up the wall. The cabinet was also cluttered with dual tones and varied items crammed inside. Now, the new white bathroom flaunts an avant-garde WC unit with a charming wooden stool by the sleek sink and counter. The unique feature here is the tall mirror that goes from the floor to the ceiling for an open and expansive look.

After: going stylish in the bedroom

Moderne Schlafzimmer von acertus Modern

The large but sleek bureau and square mirror above it make quite the style statement, while the rustic wooden planks behind the bed ensure there's a charming space to rest. The hardwood floor and simple bed with its lavish and understated cushions give a chic finish, as a quirky sculpture stands in the corner for fun.

After: a welcoming space for a new arrival

Moderne Kinderzimmer von acertus Modern

To bring home their baby, the homeowners have created a soothing space that is almost like a lullaby in its soft tones. The playful peeping rabbit artwork is one of the defining elements in this pretty yet practical room. The cute crib stands near a polka-dotted wall, while a smart bureau caters to the organisation of all baby care essentials. The simple cushioned settee on the left is perfect for the mother and child to snuggle and enjoy happy moments.

Serene hues, fashionable materials and neat designs helped this apartment discard its old and drab self, and emerge as a picturesque property for a happy family. For more ideas, here’s another makeover story: The incredible transformation of a bare home.

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