10 perfect stovetops for a modern kitchen

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10 perfect stovetops for a modern kitchen

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Ausgefallene Küchen von Sobrado + Ugalde Arquitectos Ausgefallen
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Few rooms inspire us to try something a little different as much as the kitchen but it's important to remember that practicality still needs to be a main focus! There is no point in creating an incredible looking space that you can't actually cook in and this is where well placed and cleverly designed stovetops come in!

With a myriad of styles to choose from, as well as complimentary worktops and placement to consider, stovetops can make a huge impact on your kitchen design ethos. Take a look at these examples and see if anything fires up your imagination!

1. Small and mighty

From one extreme to another now, with an exceptionally small kitchen. The super skinny counter makes for barely usable space, but this is clearly home to someone who places a high importance on cooking proper food, as the stovetop takes up around half of the back counter. Something more slimline could have easily been installed, but personal priorities have taken charge, leading to a fantastically functional cooker being framed in a lovely lilac hue. A great use of space!

2. Spider burners

This is clearly a space that has been created, by the Paulinho Peres Group, specifically for a family that loves to cook and socialise in the kitchen. Far more than just the room where food is prepared, this is obviously a social area where everybody convenes to talk and laugh, while the chef gets down to business on those spider burners! Built on top of a chunky black granite worktop, this stovetop looks incredible and makes no effort to camouflage itself. Finished in a complimentary brushed steel style, to mirror the larder fridge, it looks ideal, not to mention extremely fit for purpose!

3. Vibrant surroundings

Moderne Küchen von r79 Modern

If sleek design and vibrant colours are important to you, there is little chance of a stovetop playing an important role in your design ethos, however, the right selection could work with your styling! We love this super slim, almost unnoticeable electric stovetop that is set flush with the counter and offers no loss of style for function purposes. Allowing the statement red wall to steal the spotlight, the stovetop offers the ideal spot for cooking, without breaking up the smooth lines of the counter or screaming look at me!.

4. Perfect white

Dilido Island House-Miami 2 Moderne Küchen von Elías Arquitectura Modern
Elías Arquitectura

Dilido Island House-Miami 2

Elías Arquitectura

What an unusual space! Fantastically open plan, with a dining room and lounge area clearly in place, the counter of the kitchen area looks to be exceptionally long, being broken up only by the lovely stovetop. If nothing had broken up the length of white marble, it could have been a little overbearing on the rest of the room, but the inclusion of a brushed metal and black ironwork stovetop adds new dimension and sociable practicality, thanks to its placement of adjacent to the sofa. We can imagine happy evenings being spent here with chefs and diners conversing while the meal bubbles away!

5. Barely there

Blink and you could miss the stovetop in this picture and it's really only that gorgeous mustard coloured enamel saucepan giving its location away! A simple black square mounted onto an antique style desk, the stovetop here is as sleek as it is subtle and allows for the rustic elements at play to really be that star attraction. In a bid to further compliment the space, we love how the hob has been matched to the black granite worktop, making the combination of wood and black natural and not jarring. So lovely!

6. Clever camouflage

Speaking of creative camouflage, this gunmetal grey kitchen offers so much more than just beautiful aesthetics, with a totally unnoticeable stovetop adding cooking potential and modern technology. A super cutting edge space, it stands to reason that a standard spider burner hob would be of no interest, so the super slimline electric stovetop, seen here on the far right of the counter, was the perfect choice. The only thing that will detract from the stealthiness of this kitchen would be an overuse of garlic! 

7. Divine detailing

Moderne Küchen von arQing Modern

When space comes at a premium, it's important to protect valuable assists in your home and this is extremely essential in the kitchen. A stovetop, left exposed, could easy be damaged or fall victim to spills and splashes, which is why we love this subtle cover! Set down lower than the counter, the spider burners are happily nestled beneath a sheet of protective glass, when not in use, helping to preserve their life and cleanliness. The ultimate in hygienic additions, this is a kitchen that we are really coveting!

8. Wonderful wood

What happens when you want to experiment with wood fired cooking as apposed to more modern techniques? You install a wood fired oven and replace your stovetop with a burner window! Making a real feature of your cooking appliance is not unusual, but having one as beautiful and eye-catching as this, is. Glass-fronted, guests will be able to enjoy watching their dinner being cooked, without the fear of touching a still hot hob or having something bubble up and splatter them. Perfect!

9. Industrial finish

This is clearly a kitchen that has taken some style tips from industrial spaces, with dark granite, brushed metal and tricked out lighting all combining to create something a little more impressive than your standard flat packed room! We particularly like the stovetop, which has been cleverly mounted to the side of the worktop to allow for far more usable counter space than if it had been centrally built in, like so many others. Working with the shape and proportion of the room has made for a far more functional and fluid space and we'd love to be invited for dinner!

10. Colour palette

Let's be honest; it would be difficult for any stovetop to overshadow the colours and finishes being exhibited here! With only a small amount of space to work with, the hob has been kept slim line, with a fabulous diamond burner formation and by opting for a high gloss finish, the bright lights and almost neon cupboards are reflected, to give a sense of increased space. Super clever and lots of fun, we love this fruit salad inspired kitchen!

For more kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 5 ideas for a small modern kitchen.

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