10 space saving secret weapons for Indian homes

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In small apartments such as studios and one bedroom units, saving space is of importance. While numerous new gadgets and designs are available to provide solutions, sometimes there’s nothing quite like the old tried and tested options that work perfectly. We’ve picked 10 of these secret weapons for space saving to help you make better decisions for your small home. While some of them may not have the glamour of trendy options, they guarantee results.

​Wall-mounted television

Fixing the television on the wall does away with the need for a cabinet to rest it upon, saving floor space in the process. Although it’s a modern solution seen in homes of all sizes, it a recommended option for a small home.

For some more ideas on organizing space in small apartments, see A Small Apartment with Big Ideas.

​Bed at a height

Floor space is precious in a small apartment, but you can’t very well do away with the bed! The perfect solution is making a bed at a height, whether it’s a loft bedroom in a studio with a double-height ceiling or a bunk bed like this one, which cleverly replaces the lower deck with an open wardrobe and storage shelves.

​Fold down tables

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A dining table is used only at meal times. The rest of the day, the table just clutters up the small apartment. An alternative is to have a fold down table that can be pulled down at meal times and pushed up against the wall for the rest of the day to make the apartment look airier.

​Coffee tables with storage

'Asia' Rectangular coffee table with storage by La Primavera homify Moderne Wohnzimmer Couch- und Beistelltische

Often, in a tiny apartment, the room is too small for adding storage shelves on the walls without making the room appear cramped. Coffee tables with storage come to the rescue for putting away books and CDs to keep the room looking neat.

​Slide out storage

Storage drawers which pull straight out so you can reach it all Kitchencraft Moderne Küchen

Organizing the space in an open kitchen is one of the toughest challenges in a small home. However, replacing shelves with sliding drawers that can be pulled out completely work as a great space saver as they provide easy access to items at the back, making it easier to keep things organized.


In a tiny home, a sofa-bed is the ideal solution for providing seating space during the day and sleeping quarters at night. In a one-bedroom unit, it provides the much-needed extra bed, when you have visitors staying over.

​Nesting tables

Colour Pop Nesting Tables Luku Home Industriale Wohnzimmer Couch- und Beistelltische

Stackable furniture is a weapon for eliminating clutter in larger homes. Even in smaller homes, nesting tables in the living area provide space for guests to rest their drinks and can be easily stacked away when not in use to keep the area looking more spacious.

​Dual use benches

Hudson Living Kielder Oak Dining Bench Modish Living Rustikale Esszimmer Holz Holznachbildung Stühle und Bänke

Most studio apartments have an open-plan design, which makes dual use furniture a great option for saving space. Benches are an efficient solution as they provide seating in the living room and can be drawn up to the dining table for extra seating during parties.

​Wardrobe organisers

FORMENTERA Wardrobe Squaremelon Gewerbeflächen Hotels

In a one room apartment, keeping the wardrobe looking neat at all times can pose a challenge, but using organizers is a smart solution for stashing away things to keep the room looking stylish and clutter-free.

​All-in-one units

MD House - Pareti Attrezzate, MD House MD House Wohnzimmer TV- und Mediamöbel

When there is only one free wall for the television and the study table, a built-in unit that accommodates both is a great space saving solution.

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