Beautiful kitchens: 7 ideas to decorate the walls

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The decor in our home is very important, whatever the style we choose. Tips are always welcome, to keep us up to date with the latest trends. This is especially true for the kitchen.

Why is it so difficult to get the hang of decorating a kitchen wall? Often we aren't sure how to create a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. You may worry that anything you do to a kitchen wall will be ruined by splashing pots of soup or grubby hands or that certain combinations of decor and design won't look very nice.

This is why,  homify wants to share a few tricks with you to add a bit of charm to your kitchen.

The kitchen is a room that you share with your family, where you come together to meet before meals or chat while helping each other cook. It is truly the heart and soul of the home, where memories are made. These memories should be accompanied by great style!

We hope you enjoy browsing through this ideabook on how you to can create the prettiest kitchen by utilizing that kitchen wall!

1. The brick wall

While a brick wall may not work for those who are obsessed with materials that clean well, it can give a kitchen a warm, colonial, cottage look that will embrace a family. The warm tones make us feel at home and can be the ideal material for those happy family memories. 

2. Ideal for every kitchen

Mosaic tiles are a great choice for any kitchen wall, because of their infinite combination of colours, their durability and how easy they are to clean. You can really play with the style that you want if you go for this option. 

In this image, we can see how the designers have gone for a multi-coloured design, which creates a stylish eclectic look and feel. You could also go for one or two colours and if you like a more neutral space, you could opt for the classic black and white tones. Either way, you'll create a very distinct wall.

Mosaic tiles can be made from either ceramic or glass. They will also bring a touch of light to your kitchen!

3. A classic look revived

homify Moderne Küchen

You can also go for larger tiles in your kitchen as they provide endless possibilities when it comes to colour schemes or patterns. They are also a dream to clean!

If you are someone who constantly likes to change the look and feel of your kitchen, you should ideally choose neutral ceramic tiles. You can change the accessories around them or paint a cupboard a bright colour to mix up the environment every time you feel bored.

4. The classic and distinguished look

The use of wood is another classic as it always effective, bringing in elegance, warmth and an air of distinction to the kitchen.

Remember, however, that the kitchen is a space where water often splashes and the stove is often hot. So you need to choose a wood that is waterproofed as well as heat and water resistant. This will allow you to introduce a gorgeous wood into your kitchen, which will last a long time in optimal conditions.

5. Original ceramics

Another way that you can introduce ceramics into the kitchen is to go for shapes that are unique and different to the usual and classic square forms. 

In this design, by professionals Piloni Architects, we can see how black ceramic tiles have been used in the shape of bricks, giving a timeless style to this small kitchen. It also brightens the space up, while achieving an elegance that might have otherwise been lost in this small space.

This is a wonderful way to use ceramic tiles. If you go this route, opt for neutral flooring.

6. A smooth wall with personality

East London Apartment Draisci Studio Moderne Küchen
Draisci Studio

East London Apartment

Draisci Studio

Another option, which is very simple, is to the paint the wall a bright colour. This will breathe new life into the kitchen. 

Painting is also incredibly easy to do and will take you no time at all. Remember, however, that you want to be able to clean the walls easily. Opt for a washable paint or choose to paint the walls in your kitchen that aren't too close to areas where they will be splashed or get grease on them.

Don't you love the bold colours that have been introduced in this kitchen?

7. Wallpaper

HUGO Minimalistische Küchen Lila/Violett

Wallpaper is a design tool that never gets old. You can change the colours or patterns at any time you want and there are so many other advantages!

As we can see in this image, wallpaper strongly changes the aesthetics of any environment. But in the kitchen, it can bring a very unique and original look and feel to the space. 

Just remember that wallpaper can be a bit difficult to maintain as it gets dirty quite easily. You could also speak to an in-store expert before you choose wallpaper as they will help you to choose the best kind for the kitchen as well as show you which wall it is best to go on. 

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