6 Beautiful and Affordable Contemporary House Designs in Mumbai

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6 Beautiful and Affordable Contemporary House Designs in Mumbai

Aarti Tripathi Aarti Tripathi
 Häuser von Boutique Modern Ltd, Modern
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Nothing is more alluring and fascinating than investing in a Beautiful and Affordable contemporary home. Indian homes are a perfect example of the classic combination – ‘Quaint and Aesthetic’. Contemporary house designs in Mumbai holds and nurtures the flavour of India through their subtle yet colourful decors. Lots of potted plants, coconut trees, swings in the balconies as sit outs, handmade items, potteries and ancient furniture handed over by the forefathers, colourful pictures and idols of Gods are few of the eye catchy possessions blended skilfully in these modern homes. The delightful colors furthermore create a relaxing effect throughout the houses.

An Elegant Abode

Love the structure designed by Arquitectura MAS !!  The house is artistically designed with plants and lights – which adds a contemporary essence to the décor yet retrieves the Indian look. It’s a two stories house, the stairs leading to the bedrooms at the top. The house has high walls and the patio is fashioned with plants and pebbles of different kinds. The plants are illuminated by soft yellow lights at night. The inside of the house maintain only two colors, proffering a rugged look. Also, the stair-case is skilfully decorated with shrubs and potted plants.

The Quaint Cottage House

Love the greenery around!! This house replicates European cottages built in the Scandinavian style. The cottage is constructed on the outskirts retaining rough yet quaint countryside. What is more unique of this house is, the construction has not diminished the wilderness of the surrounding and yet has artfully managed to sustain homeliness. The house from the inside is decorated and furnished with soft textured wood, sprinkled with multicoloured curtains, rugs and mattresses purveying a cosy effect.

The Celeb Home

This house is designed to give away the feeling of celebrity. The cosy living room faces the lake and teak wood furniture adorned with shades of white is a breathtaking picturesque. The house also has an open indoor dining and stairs to the first floor by its side. The patio is built so as to face the blue water and is bordered by palm trees. This house also comes with inbuilt swimming pool.

The Modern Art House

This home reflects the word contemporary in capital. The home is built and festooned with modern furnishings and art work. The pastel white and blue shades of the walls, the elegant grey sofa lounge and even the classy white dining is very fitting and executive looking. The wall deco again sync with the rest of the house, hence is burnished with abstract paintings and pictures.

The Classic Mumbai Bungalow

This huge bungalow is an example of contemporary house design in Mumbai which has the standard Indian look yet magnifies the architect of high society. The dining is a master piece which is built in Victorian style. The white living room with only a colored picture in the background illuminates the authenticity of the house. The kitchen is furnished with stainless steel cabinets and cook top. The balcony, facing the lawn is purposed with amber shaded furniture along with dark wood cabinets.  The house has two living rooms and two dining and also has separate nursery.

The Charming Wooden Home

This house maintains an exquisite look outside and a contemporary décor inside. The house is purposed on the concept of wood. The living room has an open kitchen and a dining attached. The washroom takes you back to the European period with its dark wood textures and pretty windows. The bedroom again has a subtlety to it created with minimal furniture. Finally, the backside of the house features a lovely portico that has a view of nature created with rocks and plants.

Every house design in Mumbai has uniqueness in its own way. It is admirable that these contemporary houses designed, built and equipped with supreme quality decors, has not lost hold on the Indian touch. Each house has eco friendly and comely environment making them more homely and cosy to live in. The décor and the furnishings add value to the houses rather than creating a gimmick effect.

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