9 brilliant tips for decorating tiny rooms

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9 brilliant tips for decorating tiny rooms

Will Sayner Will Sayner
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 For many of us, the space available in our homes can present a problem when it comes to designing our ideal environment, but if you do have a smaller home, don’t be discouraged! Today we’re going to run though a few simple decorating tips that can make a big difference to small rooms!

1. Purchase custom furniture

 Custom furniture can be a good option for decorating a small room. At first glance it may seem too expensive, but the advantage is that you will be able to utilise every centimeter of the environment; worth it when you consider you’re effectively purchasing more space!

2. Use your head

 Extend the headboard of the bed into a desk or shelf to save space without making the proximity of the furniture appear unnatural.

3. Utilise the bed’s storage potential

 Under-bed storage is a great option for small environments, and there are lots of stylish options available such as the one pictured above.

4. Use wall-mounted storage

 The walls of small rooms can be great allies to prudent interior designer. Higher shelves in particular can create an abundance of storage in a limited space.

5. Paint with a neutral base, and use furniture or bedding to add colour

 Lighter colour schemes are typically the preferred option for smaller rooms as they increase the feeling of space, but this can leave the room looking a little plain. Colourful rugs, bedding and furniture can be used to counteract this effect.

6. The white way to increase space

 Using a predominantly white colour scheme will make the room appear a little larger, but of course white is not your only option; you can also bet on a palette of light colors on the walls, and use bed linen and accessories for the stronger tones.

7. Take a more minimalist approach

 Reduce the number of objects in the room to only what is essential. Prioritise the most important furniture, and have dual functions such as a chest of drawers that doubles as a chair. In the case of the above photo, the designer realised that a painting on the wall is just as good as one in a frame, but takes up less space.

8. Something to reflect on

Klassische Schlafzimmer von homify Klassisch

 The mirror is an important element in the decoration, and a brilliant tool for creating the illusion of a larger space. For a larger looking room purchase a wardrobe with a mirror front.

9. Consolidate your storage

 Consolidate your storage into one, elegant wall-to-wall storage solution to save space and prevent the room from appearing cluttered.

 Check out these small and easy to copy bedrooms for more tips on getting the most out of a little room.

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