Interior decorating with ceramic tiles

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Today we are going to talk about different ways and places to use ceramic tiles. We do this by giving you some tips on how to decorate your home with this material and by showing that tiles do not have to be only in the bathroom or kitchen.

In the bedroom

Have you ever thought of using tiles in the bedroom? Ceramic tiles, especially coloured or patterned designs, can be perfect for this room. The result, as we see in this photo, can be nothing short of amazing. 

Here the bed was suspended by ropes on an old, recovered wooden board, for a touch of industrial style. The space under where the bed is suspended is defined by an eclectic ceramic carpet, which adds antique flavour but still fits perfectly with the modern style of the room.

Another way to incorporate tile into the bedroom is to shift the focus onto the walls. These grey hexagons have been artistically arranged to provide visual stimulation without being too overwhelming. What we see here is a design that would be perfect for a contemporary, loft-style apartment. Ceramics have never been so modern!

Staying on the same theme but turning to warmer tones, we see a room that incorporates ceramics on both the floor and wall. The decor of the room is deliberately left very simple, so the highlight can remain the mix of colours, shapes and textures provided by the tiles.

In the living areas

We can also picture beautiful ceramic floors in the living room or dining areas, perhaps with an original effect like this. Ceramics, in the same honeycomb we saw have seen used in the bedroom, were here combined with a wood floor for a clever way to define and separate the room into different areas.

If you are a fan whimsical looks and colours, you will certainly love this look. The blend of patterns and colours creates a warm, homey environment.

In the entrance

Let's be frank, the entrance is that part of the house that we tend to overlook a little. A decidedly fate, since this part of the house should be visually very welcoming, both for our guests and for ourselves when we return home at night. 

The solution shown in the photo could be the turning point for any entrance large or small: a carpet of geometric ceramic tiles that recall the colours chosen for the walls and the furniture.

The 3D effects of these ceramic tiles is truly incredible. We think they would be perfect for an entrance or corridor.

Perhaps you love the all white look. In this case we propose this project, in which the ceramic tiles form a play of light and shadow perfect for a minimalist space.

In the study

And we finish our review of the areas of the house that you never would have thought of decorating with ceramic with a look at the study. For this room the floor was covered with tiles in sober tones yes, but with a little surprise…

Looking closely, we can appreciate the detailed drawings that decorate the tiles. Just another example of how ceramic tiles can provide that level of detail and texture that might just be the thing missing from your home decor!

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