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8 space-efficient kitchens you'll love

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Whether you reside in a compact apartment or a large villa, you will no doubt want to maximise space in your kitchen. Even the largest of interior spaces should focus on using their floor plan effectively, in order to minimise potential clutter and maximise productivity. Today at homify we’ve got 8 incredible space-efficient kitchens that will show you how to max out your interior cooking area.

Simple solutions such as clever storage and smart design can greatly assist in creating a highly usable and enjoyable space, while certain colour schemes can easily enliven and enhance. Want to update your space-wasting kitchen with style? Read on below…

1. Making the most of the space

First up we take a peek at a kitchen that has effectively utilised every centimetre within this room. The designers have opted for a linear design that creates a wall of cooking and prep space, while the freestanding island offers an informal dining area, sink, and additional worktops. 

2. Working with awkward floor plans

homify Ausgefallene Küchen

If you have an awkward or troubling shaped kitchen, never fear! This design shows that a kitchen can utilise any area with style and pizzazz. Curving around the wall, in an L-shape, the blank wall space has been utilised for stylish shelving and storage.

3. Tiny and perfect

This tiny kitchen utilises its space with style and sophistication. Seriously small, and working with an extremely reduced floor plan, the kitchen still manages to provide full size appliances, a welcoming colour scheme, and a place to sit and eat breakfast. 

4. Elegant and refined… with plenty of character

Not as tiny as the aforementioned kitchen, but still rather compact, this kitchen embraces a white colour scheme to offer simplicity, but adds character with colourful and patterned tiles. It utilises its space with joinery on each wall, while the worktop offers plenty of preparation space for multiple occupants. 

5. Simple and sophisticated

MJ's RESIDENCE arctitudesign Minimalistische Küchen



Efficient use of a kitchen floor plan is about knowing what space to use, as well as the negative space that should be left unfilled. In this illustration we get a wonderful sense of spaciousness, while the overall ambience is one of roominess and open airiness. 

6. Employing different types of storage

FOORMA Moderne Küchen

Space utilisation can be a tricky undertaking, but this next design has definitely delivered with flying colours. Embracing different types of storage and joinery, the kitchen planners were able to incorporate style and efficiency. 

7. Adding shelving wherever possible

homify Skandinavische Küchen

This wonderful light-filled apartment is simple bursting with life and verve. The kitchen area, which we see in this image, has managed to utilise its space, ensuring a functional and enjoyable area. Shelving has been incorporated in many different sections of the room, but is especially useful hanging over the sink and dishwasher. 

8. Minimalist and functional

homify Skandinavische Küchen

For our final kitchen we take a peek inside an apartment that has been designed with a minimalist aesthetic. Although simple, the overall feeling is one of sophistication and functionality. Almost built into the walls of the dwelling, the architects have created joinery that is virtually invisible, thus adding a sleek and uncomplicated ambience. 

Which space-efficient kitchen would suit your home? If you would like to tour some more fabulous cooking areas, check out: 8 beautifully designed small kitchens you'll love.

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