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17 Ideal Gates for Indian Homes

Ruqaiyya Hussain Ruqaiyya Hussain
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India is a mix of cultures and traditions and people from different states and zones have different choices of eating, living, and decorations. In fact, the housing structures and home decor styles also vary from one region to another. Having a special fascination towards the furniture and doors, we often put up a lot of time thinking how and what sort of design we should choose for the entrance door of our homes. Some love woods while others have to pick metals, some believe in crafts and curves while others prefer to have it simple and sober. We are spoilt for choices and it is hard to decide what's best for our taste.

Putting your dilemma to an end, we have brought to you 15 simple and best designs of doors for Indian homes. They are practical and none of those designers and too-good-and-expensive to be bought items. Have a look at what options you have when it comes to buying an entrance gate for your home.

1.Semi Doors for main entrance

If the idea of covering up the entire space sucks you then a semi door like the one given above will definitely give you a relief. A door with a solid cement frame and some empty space in between them. It looks truly welcoming.

2.Sheer Woods

There is no denying to the fact that Indians love wooden doors. And there can nothing be better than this when it comes to installing an entrance gate for your home or office. However, be careful with the choice of material as wood will become damp if exposed to moisture a lot. They are also not a good pick if exposed to sunlight for long. Don't lose hope here. We have a long way to go with loads of options left.

3.Wood and Glass

An entrance gate made out of simple wooden blocks with some carvings and windows on other sides. Open the doors when you are sure of who is standing outside. Moreover, natural light will find its way to your home through these glass windows.

4.Dual Shaded Wide Entrance Door

Gujarat Guardian limited Moderne Fenster & Türen von IMAGE N SHAPE Modern

Gujarat Guardian limited


If single tones don't appear appealing to you then try dual toned doors where two different shades are being used. It might be two different shades of same color like the above given or it might be two different contrasting colors. Whatever you choose, make sure it looks sophisticated and suits the style of rest of th home.

5.Wide Double Door Glass Gate

Glass doors framed inside woods make a great pick for modern and contemporary designed Indian homes. They fit and work into spaces where single doors don't work. Moreover, they look gorgeous for homes that either have small front area or are located in areas where natural lights reach seldom. Use curtains to get the much needed privacy.

6.Classy Single Door with Modern Design

Yet another variant of the wooden door that stands out due to its simplicity. The large sized handle helps to pull and push the door without much force. We loved how it has been used in accordance to the interiors of the home that are also as simple and as elegant as the design of this gate. 

7.Triple Element Designs

Clear Glass has been a favorite for those who have a smaller area or who love to have a clear view of outside. However, when it comes to entrance doors they are not the best choice as they require a lot of cleaning, provide the insight to inside home and yes, they are fragile. Try out a combination of wood or plastic door fitted within a glass frame and a metal handle over it. Yes, this one will be strong and classy at the same time.

8.Artistic Gates

Being from a country that has been ruled by Mughals, we have a love for artisanship and crafts in our genes and leave no chance to show this love to others. This designer door, though narrow in size, can be an ideal fit for your home if you want to get a traditional look and project an image of being disciplined and classy.

9.Printed or Crafted Doors

Wide framed doors with little intrinsic crafts over it offer a great welcome to the guests and comers. This door shows how the front door of your house should open to give a view of the interiors.  However, do not try this sort of designs or size for small hallways or small entrance area. Keep the proportion of the door in accordance to your interior size.

10.Black Doors

Yes, they are a fashion these days. Black doors, not particularly in solid, but with a hint of other elements like glass or silver sheets are in vogue. Tinted or semi-transparent glass has been used in this gate to create the visual barriers but allow the lights to pass through.

11.Asymmetrical Designs

Moderne Häuser von homify Modern

An asymmetrically designed gate is hard to find but it will make the heads turn and you are sure to garner compliments. Well suited for all kinds of homes, they could be made of metals, woods or other elements like steel or even heavy Plastic. 

12.Metal Jails

Double layer of doors are becoming a trend in Indian homes as they are a new concept. Making both the doors solid built often becomes a headache, making one of them useless and odd. Use metal jail like outer gates with the inner door made of glass or other light material. You can use these metal mesh doors when the sun is out and you want to get the fresh air in.

13.Bi-folding Door

Wider gates at the entrance are a dream for everyone but they often become a trouble if you don't have enough space to let them open during day time. Try bi-folding doors that consume less space while giving you an equivalent free area to open up. We are in are for this simple door that looks perfect for this small room.

14.Solid Pallet Doors

Moderne Fenster & Türen von homify Modern

Combining the Iron frames with wooden pallets, this door is a classy masterpiece made out of nothing expensive or great. Yet, due to the presence of iron and hard build, it will survive the test of time and weather. You can use the same structure for your garage, main entrance or for the shed.

15.Solid Iron Door

A solid iron door for outside means you have made an investment that is going to run for a lifetime. Those areas that face humid temperature and wet rains should go for such designs as they don't get damp. However, keep them painted all the time to eliminate the chances of rusting.

Get more designer ideas on gates and entrance doors from this ideabook.

16.Wooden Sliding Door

A courtyard house Moderne Häuser von eSpaces Architects Modern
eSpaces Architects

A courtyard house

eSpaces Architects

Main entrance gate of large size are not easy to handle if you live on a busy roadside or don't have a large space within the building area. This simple and classy sliding solid wood door will serve the purpose well.

17.Wide Sliding Entrance Gate

Another great wood sliding door with a pinch of modernity. This contemporary designed door goes with the modern architecture of the home and despite its large size, saves the space well.

Plenty of Ideas, isn't it?

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