5 ways to get rid of clutter in your small bedroom

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5 ways to get rid of clutter in your small bedroom

Kayla Gulec Kayla Gulec
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Letting your bedroom become a pig sty can be pretty easy to achieve. Tossing your clothes around as you change, leaving garbage on the table, not putting your shoes back where they belong… these are all things we do daily that just add to clutter, filth, and a never-ending to-do list. This clutter can also cause unconscious stress and disrupt sleep. So, for your own sake and sanity, it's time to organise your sleep space. 

Tackling these problem areas and you'll have a cleaner, airier, and lighter room in no time.

1. Start with the closet

Begehbarer Kleiderschrank unter Schräge:  Ankleidezimmer von meine möbelmanufaktur GmbH,
meine möbelmanufaktur GmbH

Begehbarer Kleiderschrank unter Schräge

meine möbelmanufaktur GmbH

The closet is often the clutter hotspot of the bedroom. It hides unworn clothes and scraped up shoes, along with anything else you didn't feel like having out in the open. 

To start the declutter process, go through your clothes, shoes, bags, and belts for anything that doesn't fit or that just isn't your style anymore. Donate them if they're in decent shape, otherwise just toss them. And be ruthless! Getting rid of this clutter will make it easier to find the clothes you DO want to wear and make room for more. 

This is also helpful for the dresser. Take items out one drawer at a time and try to toss half of what's in each drawer. Chances are, you're not wearing most of these things anyway. They might as well be put to good use in the donation pile and free up space for you.

For more on wardrobe organisation, check out this Ideabook!

2. Move on to the nightstand

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My Italian Living

'Wave' design bedroom night stand

My Italian Living

After that big ol' project, you deserve a lighter task. Let's take a look at the nightstand. It shouldn't be too difficult to declutter.

All you have to do is remove any items that don't belong there, like your coffee cup, your lotion, nail files… all those little things that gather on the convenient spot next to your bed. And don't forget about your stand's drawer storage. You can hide your nightly book in there, or even your nail kit just to keep things tidy.

3. Tackle the mysterious space under the bed

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Next up, we have that deep, dark space under the bed. In addition to probably 100 dust bunnies, you most likely have some of your stuff crammed under there. 

If all you have are seasonal clothes and extra bedding, that's fine. It's when you have junk you shoved under there because you didn't know where else to put it that's a problem.

4. Consider using less furniture

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This room would benefit greatly with just a little less decor. A clear space creates a more soothing environment for sleep, and as stylish and comfortable as it looks, it also looks cramped and not easy to get around in. 

Having less on the floor makes the room seem larger and prevents the accumulation of stuff on those items. So put that settee and that couch in a different room to create a light, airy space. 

5. Rethink your in-bedroom office

Only massive rooms like this allow for dual office and bedroom space. Your small room doesn't need any additional items that don't have to do with relaxing and sleeping, so move that office out of there into a dedicated room. 

Or, if you don't have a room you can use as an office, the dining room makes a great alternative, especially if it's already decorated with bookshelves.

By acting on these tips, you should have a super organised bedroom in no time at all! If you want to read more, check out: 11 fresh ways to make your home as unique as you.

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