40 great ideas to plan a small kitchen

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40 great ideas to plan a small kitchen

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Moderne Küchen von Architrek Modern
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Making a small space seem big, clever, glamorous, and practical is not always the easiest thing in the world – or is it? With some creative planning and out-of-the-box thinking (and homify’s help, of course), designing that small space could be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Besides, who doesn’t like a little challenge? Today we want to focus on the small kitchen, and what you can do to make it more inviting and functional. We all know that the kitchen is regarded as the heart of the home, which is exactly why you should keep yours beating strongly and stylishly.

So, whether it’s to increase storage, conjure up more floor space, or just zhoosh up that small kitchen in general, let’s see what our options are…

1. Use corner drawers to make the most of unused corner spaces

Harbourside kitchen Landhaus Küchen von Tim Jasper Landhaus
Tim Jasper

Harbourside kitchen

Tim Jasper

2. Light and white colours add to the visual spaciousness.

Minimalistische Eck-Küche Skandinavische Küchen von Baltic Design Shop Skandinavisch
Baltic Design Shop

Minimalistische Eck-Küche

Baltic Design Shop

3. Floating shelves save up floor space while helping out with storage.

Peponi House Tropische Küchen von STUDIO [D] TALE Tropisch

Peponi House


4. Opt for top cabinets above your counters to help with storage.

Moderne Küchen von homify Modern

5. Double-duty furniture is always welcome, such as a counter that doubles up as a home office desk.

6. Gain more counter space by opting for a “floating” microwave.

7. Open-plan layouts are made much easier with multifunctional pieces, such as a peninsula that works in both the kitchen and dining space.

8. Lighting (natural and artificial) should always be top notch.

Get some inspiration from our professional kitchen planners here on homify.

9. Rely on vibrant colours to add some charm (just don’t go overboard).

10. Recessed lighting adds both style and illumination.

Minimalistische Küchen von homify Minimalistisch MDF

11. Monochrome palettes are always winners.

12. Wall-built ovens save up on floor space.

Minimalistische Küchen von homify Minimalistisch Granit

13. Offset those stainless steel appliances with a light and fun colour.

14. Remember that your kitchen is a work space; thus, it needs to be practical.

Moderne Küchen von Architrek Modern

15. As space is valuable, ensure you use it wisely, like this countertop that doubles up as a stylish dining table.

16. Avoid a cluttered look in your tiny kitchen by displaying only the necessary accessories.

17. Handle-less cupboards and cabinets can make your small space seem cleaner.

18. Use as much wall space as possible (i.e. appliances and cupboards) to score more floor- and counter room.

Moderne Küchen von Donakaza Modern

19. How is this for super compact – a tiny kitchen hidden inside a closet?

20. Cutting boards attached to your counter, leaving extra space for other activities.

NEW! 2015 Kitchen: PORTLAND + ARCOS Skandinavische Küchen von Schmidt Palmers Green Skandinavisch
Schmidt Palmers Green

NEW! 2015 Kitchen: PORTLAND + ARCOS

Schmidt Palmers Green

21. Don’t let your small kitchen drown in bright colours – a small area, such as the top wall, is adequate.

22. Never underestimate the power of wood to make a space seem cosy, charming, and inviting, regardless of its size.

23. The minimalist style can become your best friend in a small kitchen.

modern  von Txell Alarcon, Modern
Txell Alarcon

Devies Cook Company

Txell Alarcon

24. Remember to bring in touches of your personality to make that space more personal.

25. This wall-mounted table lifts out of the way quickly and easily whenever more space is required.

26. Opt for a multitude of drawers to hide away those accessories and utensils that can lead to clutter.

27. Niches are perfect for elements like wine, cooking utensils, and other kitchen accessories.

Moderne Küchen von homify Modern

28. Speaking of niches, how about sliding the fridge into one to make that kitchen seem more open?

29. Trust the U-shaped kitchen layout – it’s perfectly practical.

Let’s see why you should vote “Yes” For The U-Shaped Kitchen.

30. Rely on more than one lighting source (this goes for any room).

31. A bit of pattern never hurt anyone – just ask this ultra classy kitchen.

32. Neutral colours are ideal if you’re a devoted follower of the rustic style.

33. Task lighting is essential in a space where you work with sharp and warm elements – like your kitchen!

34. If your kitchen shape is elongated, emphasise its depth to make it feel more spacious.

35. There’s no need for a stretched-out dining room; an informal little dining spot in a kitchen can look quite charming.

36. A breakfast counter can be styled up to add more elegance to the kitchen.

37. Blackboard paint allows you to switch your kitchen’s look and wall style as often as you please.

38. Transparent elements increase visual space, such as this graceful and open peninsula.

Moderne Küchen von Donakaza Modern

39. Not enough cabinets? Wall-mounted storage could also work.

40. A kitchen cart is the kitchen island that rolls out of the way when needed.

VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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