10 of the most creative small bedrooms designs you will ever see

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10 of the most creative small bedrooms designs you will ever see

Chloe Hines Chloe Hines
Moderne Schlafzimmer von Johnny Thomsen Arquitetura e Design Modern
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As you might know by now, small spaces are some of our most favourite to work with! They force creative, strategic and logical thinking, as well as a use of multinational furnishings and design options. Small bedrooms are not always a feature of student-hood, they're also a typical staple in most young professionals' lives. 

With that being said, it's about time to really think about your options and stop feeling helpless.  These designers and homeowners have taken small bedrooms to a whole new level!

1. Bet on customised furniture

If you're having a hard time furnishing your small bedroom, don't worry, there's plenty of options! Check mobile, or student-style furnishings to properly fit smaller spaces!

2. Use the headboard to get a table

Craving a workspace in your small bedroom? Why not extend the headboard to create the perfect desk space? While you're at it, choose a cool colour too!

3. Install niches under the bed

Under-bed storage is always a great thing, even in larger homes. Install cubicle-style bookshelves for both great design and added storage. 

Here's another example of some great underbed storage with a modern touch!

4. Properly use wall space

Sheving systems and storage units are your best friends in small bedrooms. Use them to gather all of your items and to help keep your legroom clear.

5. Paint with a neutral base and add colours elsewhere

Neutrals will allow you to constantly shift and change your bedroom as often as you want. Add colours by means of art, lighting, bedding and comfortable textiles. 

6. Multiply storage space

We suggest you use the bed side tables, shelving and under-bed storage in order to get the most out of your space!

7. Light colours make the space appear much larger

White is light, fresh and airy.  It also creates the illusion of more space! Keep darker items to a minimum if you're looking to create a minimalist or modern feel. 

8. Reduce the number of objects to only the essentials

A small bedroom usually means you need to skimp on certain items – but don't every think it means you need to completely be without. Use large-scale art work or decal wall art to add some flair to your small space.

9. Use wardrobe door as a large mirror

Klassische Schlafzimmer von homify Klassisch

One of the most common techniques for adding light and function to small bedrooms is to make the wardrobe doors into a mirror. Full-length mirrors are never a bad thing!

10. Use built-ins to air out the room

Built-ins don't have to be so old school! You can have a built-in wardrobe, shelving and storage all in one and with a great look, as long as you're smart with your colours! Avoid busy patterns!

Your small bedroom will be cosy, comfortable and your personal safe haven – so make the most out of it with multifunctional and unique design!

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