9 Low Cost Ways To Add Luxury To Your Home

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9 Low Cost Ways To Add Luxury To Your Home

Sarah Rose Anderson Sarah Rose Anderson
 Wohnzimmer von Ayuko Studio
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At homify, we believe decorating a home is exciting and fulfilling. The right design elements can change the way you see your space. Magazines are full of design inspiration, but they can come with a heavy price tag. Professional help from interior decorators and designers can elevate your style. In reality many of us don’t have the budget for that. We will share low-cost decorating alternatives that you can use right now to make your home feel more expensive. Read on to get started today on bringing a touch of luxury your home!

1. De-clutter and organize your home

Think about every design magazine you’ve ever read. Did you see a closet bursting at the seams with clothes? Did you see a plastic bag full of bottles for recycling on the floor of the kitchen? Probably not. Try to pare down your belongings for less clutter. Have a place for everything!

2. Create a unique canopy bed

An inexpensive way to add drama to a bedroom is to use linens to decorate the bed. These curtains around the bed add a sweet romanticism to the room. A canopy in a kids bedroom can make bedtime fun. Using sheer fabrics make the room feel breezy and spacious. If a canopy bed isn’t your style, you can instantly update a bedroom with a new duvet cover and throw pillows.

3. Mix it up with fresh textures

People often overlook the importance of texture in their home design. Having a variety of rich textures can make a home feel luxurious. Combine a faux fur rug in a room with a sleek and cool marble top table. Investing in key pieces with luxurious textures make everything else in the room look more luxurious too!

4. Add original artwork

Masterbedroom im Dachgeschoss:  Schlafzimmer von von Mann Architektur GmbH
von Mann Architektur GmbH

Masterbedroom im Dachgeschoss

von Mann Architektur GmbH

It doesn’t take much to have an original piece in your home. If you consider yourself pretty crafty, try to make something on your own or print out one of your favourite artsy photos for the wall. Prints can be found for cheap at thrift stores, farmers markets, craft fairs, and more. Look out for an eye catching piece that will set your home apart.

5. Play with patterns

Patterns are sometimes avoided because they can make a room look too busy or dated. Fear not! You can use patterns to keep your space from feeling flat. Try to match hues from your pattern to your other pieces to be more put-together. Consider a geometric wall paper for a contemporary look.

6. Splurge on fresh flowers

 Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von Betoniu GmbH
Betoniu GmbH

Concrete flower vase

Betoniu GmbH

If you can’t afford to redecorate a room consider spending a little on fresh flower for your home. If you pick some up Friday night, you can enjoy them at home all weekend long! They can bring life into a space, taking a room from dreary to cheerful.

7. Statement piece lighting

 Geschäftsräume & Stores von Manooi

Our Ozero crystal chandelier in Anna Casa showroom


Forgoing colour in favour of a black and white color palette is a great way to make a space look more expensive than it is! Try to move your coloured pieces elsewhere and curate a black and white corner or room in your home. 

If you love the black and white look check out our feature on black and white kitchens.

8. Spa-ify the bathroom

Try turning your bathroom into a spa! Create a space to hang up your bathrobe, grab some fresh cut flowers, and light a candle. There are lots of ways to make the bathroom a zen paradise and it has a huge impact in your home.  Bring in rich natural elements such as wood and stone to transform a bathroom into a spa.

9. Black and white your space

 Wohnzimmer von LuxDeco

SS16 Style Guide – Refined Monochrome Collection – Hallway


Lighting is important in a room. It can make or break a look. Take some time to consider your lighting in a room and consider using a statement piece chandelier or light fixture. They add visual appeal to a room and make a space more dynamic and opulent.

VIO 302 - Terrasse:  Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder)

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