12 Budget Friendly Ideas For A Fabulous Kitchen

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12 Budget Friendly Ideas For A Fabulous Kitchen

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  von Riccardo Randi, Skandinavisch
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Who doesn’t want to create a state of the art kitchen, and especially if they’re fond of cooking! But sometimes budget and sometimes space, get in the way of this planning. Work smart, not hard, and you can create the kitchen perfect for chefs to cook in. Today’s ideabook features 12 kitchens that are skillfully designed to look good and not create a hole in your pocket.

1. Create Contrasts

The right kind of contrast in your kitchen will change the way it looks. Pick one bright colour and one neutral colour. This kitchen uses red, black and white to create a good balance. The red is scattered throughout. The brightness is balanced by the white countertops and black furniture.

2. DIY Skills

Pimp the Kitchen:  Küche von homify,Ausgefallen

Pimp the Kitchen


If you are trying to save money, a little DIY can go a long way. The countertop we see in this kitchen is unique because of the different strips of wood that have been fused together. The rainbow-like counter top is balanced with the white floor tiles. The red backsplash and wooden furniture create a space full of warmth.

​3. Keeping It Low

You don’t always need a ton of furniture or overly bright accessories for a well-designed kitchen. The kitchen in the picture uses the shapes of the furniture and shelves as décor. The open shelves display an artistic row of mugs. The black cabinets are juxtaposed with the granite countertop. A low profile sometimes looks better than a loud theme.

4. Go Natural

Looking for a quick fix solution? Grab some natural wood and start working. The reason we love this kitchen is because the owners only made a few changes to update the kitchen. They added a wooden countertop and dining table. The rest of the furniture was painted white. Easy on the pocket and perfect for those who like to keep things simple.

5. The Little Things

The little details are just as important. What a brilliant idea by the designers. They replaced the usual cabinet handles, which are usually gray or black, with handles that are a popping red colour.

6. Mixing Styles

:  Esszimmer von homify,Skandinavisch

Often, designers do not like to mix two styles. But this kitchen is proof that it works. The Scandinavian style kitchen is combined with an old school ornate wooden table. If you still want a little uniformity, pick a couple of colours as your theme.

7. Austere But Classy

The industrial style uses materials that might normally be discarded. This style emphasizes on austerity and minimalism. We love the replacement of wall cabinets with simple metal shelves. It creates an open space and ensures that you have enough storage in the kitchen.

8. Experimenting With Furniture

Mix and match furniture from different parts of your house. You can use office chairs for your kitchen table. If it matches, it works. You don’t have to spend money and you can use something you might have thrown away eventually.

9. Saving Space

Small homes have small kitchens, which are usually short on space. Wall mounted shelves to the rescue! These shelves put things within your reach and look unique compared to other kitchens.

10. Wall Hooks To The Rescue

 Küche von dwarf, Skandinavisch

In case, the shelves seem too much to you, another option to opt for is wall hooks. These are perfect for hanging pots, pans, and cutlery. The advantage remains same, easy access and no scrambling for extra space.

11. Building Furniture From Scratch

For those of us who are exceptionally skilled, building furniture from scratch is another great option to work smart and save money. Simple wooden structures, shown in the picture, are all you need to furnish your kitchen.

12. Monochrome and Modern

Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful. This modern kitchen uses all white furniture and tiles, which is punctuated by dark gray countertop and appliances. It is simple, functional and modern.

We have given you a lot of ideas to consider. Do let us know what your favorite is. Also, here is another listicle that you might enjoy 25 Creative Kitchens To Inspire You.

VIO 302 - Terrasse:  Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder),Modern

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