You want an extraordinary hallway? Here are 10 ideas!

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hallway can be more than just a corridor connecting different rooms. It is also more than just an entrance way or a dumping ground for jackets or a storage space for shoes. In most modern apartments, it's the first thing you, and your guests will see, so it's important that this space is welcoming, invigorating and enjoyable.

With some sophisticated styling, splashes of eye catching color, or even by featuring some elegant furniture, a hallway can turn into the focal point of a home. We have found 10 of the best designs that re-imagine how these long, narrow spaces can be used. Let's take a stroll through! 

1. Redefine It's Purpose

If you are lucky enough to have a wide hallway like this one, you can make it much more than just a walkway – turn it into a real show stopping wardrobe! Just add shelving, some draws and cover it all up with a sliding door. Match the colors of the doors the same as the surrounding walls and you will have yourself an elegant space perfect for keeping extra linen, towels or outdoor gear in. 

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2. Turn It Inside Out

Mieszkanie w kamienicy, Mint&Brisk Mint&Brisk Skandinavischer Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus

Add a little bit of industrial edge to your hallway and leave the foundations bare. The exposed brick of this one makes it rustic, unique and a definite talking point. Pipes are left uncovered and lighting is simple and elementary. Accessories are kept to a minimum, but a personal touch is added through the photographs on the wall. 

3. Get Crafty

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Interesting details like this white hat and coat stand turn an ordinary hallway into something noteworthy. If you want a similar look, find a branch and spray paint it – either the same color to match the walls, or a contrasting color. Or if you are feeling really crafty, try your hand at Papier-mâché and sculpt a unique shape. Secure it to the wall and voilà! A one-of-a-kind look. 

4. Use The Power Of Images

You can afford to turn up the drama in a hallway space. The perfect place to hang your favourite pieces of art, an entranceway like this can handle the attention. Go big, go bold, or even go bright with the image you choose and keep the rest of the decor muted to let the artwork really sing out. Here a narrow side table is the perfect height for housing decorative vases, candles or nostalgic knick-knacks. 

5. Be A Master Of Illusions

Wherever you place a large mirror, especially one that fills the whole surface like on this pillar, you will immediately double the room it's in. Install reflective surfaces to create the illusion of space and of course use the mirror to do any last minute hair and teeth checks on the way out the door!

6. Take A Load Off

Not only does it break up the long, boring space of a hallway, this foot stool is a great multi-use surface. Either for dumping mail and keys on when you walk in the door, or as a place to catch your breath and put on your shoes on your way out. This particular one also has storage space underneath – maybe for that handy shoehorn, or spare shoelaces, polish for touch ups. 

7. Flirt With Colour

miniszyk, unikat:lab unikat:lab Minimalistischer Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus

You don't have to play it safe when it comes to decorating an hallway. Try out unexpected colours, shapes, textures. Mix up different styles and get experimental, like this fresh black and hot pink combo. The coat hooks, foot stool, key box and rug keep this entrance practical, and the colours keep it playful. Go on, take a gamble and surprise yourself!

8. Stop, Look, Then Add More

Территория комфорта, VVDesign VVDesign Klassischer Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus

On the other end of the style scale, you can also afford to get elaborate and really go to town mixing colours, motifs and forms together. This hallway combines sophisticated colours with some amazing floor tiles, in two different patterns none the less. In almost all other rooms this would be too much, but take the opportunity to embellish and layer it all up!

9. Keep Flowers Fresh

homify Moderner Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus

This stylish, minimal hallway has all the key factors to making an impressive space – long mirror, warm lighting, high quality furniture. Check, check, check. It then takes it one step further with the vase full of stunning flowers. Injecting color, and no doubt leaving a lasting scent, fresh flowers are an easy way to show off your exquisite taste and romantic side. 

10. Light It Up

Probably the best feature in any space is natural light. If you can get it, then let as much of it in as you can. Use doors with glass panels, or if you are concerned with privacy, then use frosted glass instead. There are also tinted adhesives you could apply that won't diminish the natural light. Or for a completely original and artistic look, try stained glass panels.

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