10 Elevated and cheap pools that fit well in any patio

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Nothing beats the view that one gets from a high pool. Whether it is set facing a garden or overlooking beautiful scenery, having a pool in the patio is ideal for relaxing. However, there’s a much more than aesthetics that goes into building an elevated pool. It has to be designed perfectly to fit into the designated space.

We’ve put together this ideabook with 10 different elevated pools that are ideal for patios and economical as well as convenient places to relax.

​Relaxation zone

The circular design of this pool allows it to be fixed in a corner of a small patio or terrace. Its cup-and-saucer design has a larger base that collects the cascading overflow from over the top of the rim. Decorated with the right accessories, it creates a spa-like setting, making it a great place to relax.

​Conveniently high

An above-ground pool is wonderful for its view, but it’s often selected as the most economical option as it eliminates the costs involved in excavating the soil to place the pool below the ground level. A design like this one can be fixed on any patio in a short span of time.

​Uneven depth

In order to minimize the cost and effort involved in excavation, it’s not uncommon to have a pool with different levels. The shallow part adjoining the patio is perfect for dipping one’s feet, while the deeper section in the centre can be constructed after excavating a small portion of the garden.

​Elevated lap pool

With steps leading up into it from the patio, this rectangular lap pool helps to create a lovely passageway with one of the walls forming a side barrier for the walking path in the garden.

​Shade on the deck

Building a deck along the sides of an elevated pool provides a great place for relaxing after a swim. A shaded area with trees is the best choice for this design. However, be aware that you will have to deal with regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent falling leaves from clogging the pool.

​Customized to the deck height

When digging up the garden doesn't hold any appeal, building a high deck with a small pool embedded into it is a convenient option. The depth of the pool will be as much as the height of the deck from the ground. Building a pergola over the pool adds a charming element to the space.

​Raised patio

Instead of having steps leading up to the pool from a ground-level patio, raising the level of the patio gives the pool the appearance of a sunken water body. In this home, the pool is set in the corner of the patio with plants bordering the walls to create a beautiful outdoor setting.

​Customize it to the space

Rather than replicating a design that might not work in the available space, it’s best to design a pool that fits the patio and matches the desired theme. In this Mediterranean home, the small pool is surrounded by white to blend with the theme of the home.

​Pool with a view

Not every patio or terrace has the advantage of an incredible view. If there is one, it should be capitalized upon by building the pool as high as possible for sitting in it and enjoying the scenery. Instead of a conventional brick safety wall, opting for transparent railings presents an unhindered vista.

​Human aquarium

When the view from the patio isn’t worth writing home about, you can always create an interesting element. A pool with a glass wall is almost like an aquarium – a great option for sitting on the patio and watching the humans swimming by.

For more pool designs for your home, visit this ideabook.

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