7 habits to make sure your home is always clean

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7 habits to make sure your home is always clean

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Keeping a house looking and feeling fresh and clean is sometimes a challenge, especially in a busy household that doesn't always freely offer a lot of assistance. However, there are some simple techniques that you can employ to stay on top of the chores.

If you'd rather not panic and spend your entire weekend deep cleaning your home, from kitchen to bedroom, read on! We've found some great tips to make the housework a doddle and we know that professional cleaners would agree with all of these. If nothing else, just remember that doing a little every day is better than everything in 24 hours!

1. Don't collect a lot of clutter

This is key as you will only have to clean it all. 

Try to keep the displayed belongings to a minimum and your surfaces clear, as a tidy home looks super clean all on its own.

2. Don't put off until tomorrow things you can do today

Naturally, we all have days where we need a break or are just feeling a bit lazy. 

That's fine, but doing little jobs that won't take long every day really will help a lot, so pop the washing on now instead of in the morning.

3. Clean the bathroom every day

Before you panic, we're not suggesting a deep clean every morning before work but at least give your shower a quick spritz with a screen spray after using it.

The lack of hard water marks will, if nothing else, make a proper clean much quicker.

4. Make the bed

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Your mum was right when she told you to make your bed.

Doing this small thing every morning (and opening a window) will make a huge difference to how your space feels when you come to get into bed at night.  Trust us, you'll notice!

5. Don't leave dirty dishes to pile up

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Leaving dirty dishes in the sink doesn't only look bad, it's unhygienic and smells! 

Even if you just make sure to load the dishwasher every evening, or give everything a rinse straight after using it, your kitchen will feel much fresher all the time.

6. Grab a laundry basket

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People really underestimate the handiness of a laundry basket. Great for hiding dirty clothing and preventing stale smells from escaping, we couldn't live without one.

Here's an extra tip too: keep a scented sachet in your basket to really maximise dirty sock odour control.

7. Divide and conquer

When it comes to doing to 'big clean' once a week, divide the house into two sections and tackle one each day. By doing this you'll feel less time pressure, not be overwhelmed and actually want to do a better job.

For more cleaning tips and tricks, take a look at this Ideabook: 17 Refreshingly Easy Cleaning Tips That Actually Work.

Original text by: Amy Buxton

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