An L-shaped house, ultimately cozy for your living

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奈良町の家, ATELIER N ATELIER N Ausgefallener Garten
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Seeing a natural beauty is always refreshing but  when you are planning to get a home built, then it definitely stresses you out. We all desire to have a home that has open atmosphere but unfortunately, most of us have no idea of how we can create right kind of plan. Do not worry because today we have brought to you a special guide that shows a brilliant L-shaped house, a work of architects ATELIER N and has been designed over an area of1460 square feets. The land plan is superb and the beautiful surrounding mountains are beautiful. Such a great combination is sure to inspire you. Let us have a look at a home that is relaxing, provides full comfort ad privacy. Scroll down to know more.

Starting with the Facade

奈良町の家, ATELIER N ATELIER N Ausgefallener Garten

Those who seek nature's love and serenity will love this house, of course. Apparently, it has been built in the countryside. The surroundings are an open space surrounded by mountains all over and the house itself demonstrates a look where the emphasis has been made on light colors. Feels cold but refreshing to look at. The L-shaped design saves from making the atmosphere look denser. You can arrange a park bench arbitrary and enjoy a relaxed mood in this natural setting.

In to the House

奈良町の家, ATELIER N ATELIER N Ausgefallener Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus

Coming to interior design and elegance, the focus has been kept on natural brown woods, wider stairs and yes, a very high ceiling. This makes the house look grand and more livable.

Bring the Modern and Natural Together

奈良町の家, ATELIER N ATELIER N Ausgefallene Küchen

While the basics of this house have been decorated with the natural elements like woods, modern elements have also been used to shape the beauty. For instance, in this room, we have a flat screen TV, lamps, sofas, suspended ceilings etc. 

The house looks beautiful at the dawn and dusk

奈良町の家, ATELIER N ATELIER N Ausgefallene Wohnzimmer

You might prefer to stay here at night as it is one of the times when the house looks quiet, beautiful and elegant at the same time. A dim light lamp suspended from ceiling does not illuminates the atmosphere much and looks good here. 

Romantic Lights

奈良町の家, ATELIER N ATELIER N Ausgefallener Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse

While during the day the house is beautiful in itself, it is through the night that it becomes even more magnetic. Not only from inside, the designs stands out from outside as well. Look into the house how yellow lighting bulbs make it look perfect!

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